Tim Tebow’s Counter-Cultural Example Is A Lesson For Everyone

By Phil Naegely
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow signed a two-year contract with the New England Patriots on Monday and was in attendance at mini-camp on Tuesday. He didn’t say much to reporters, but thanked the Patriots organization for the opportunity.

That’s the great thing about Tebow — he doesn’t take his opportunities for granted and always works his butt off.

Tebow doesn’t live out the cultural status quo, but rather does the opposite. While the various media streams are cuckoo for Tebowmania, he lets his work ethic and determination speak for itself. Secondly, he is man of faith and good character. Both of these aspects are missing in most pro athletes, let alone in society.

Tebow understands that his football career at both University of Florida and now his latest opportunity with the Patriots is part of a greater purpose. At the same time, he authentically lives out his faith rather than shove it down his teammates’ throats.

While Tebow is not the best QB in the NFL, he still works harder than anyone else to improve daily. Among all of the complaints I have heard or seen about him, none have been about either his work ethic. Yes, there have been complaints of him being a christian, but not about his authentic faith.

His public faith is one of the reasons why everybody’s eyes are on him. They are waiting for him to mess up or say controversial so they can be the first to cast judgement and throw the first stone. However, that has not happened yet and I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Tebow’s counter-cultural example has been refreshing. He has three important Fs in his life — faith, family, football and they are prioritized correctly in his life. He embodies how a professional athlete can be a humble role model to a society that could use more role models like Tebow.

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