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Top 5 NHL Ice Girls

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Top NHL Ice Girls

Top NHL Ice Girls
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Ever since the 2001-02 season, the NHL has used Ice Girls, and it’s been a smashing success ever since. When the tradition started, only a couple of teams around the league had them. Now 18 of the 30 current NHL franchises have them, and their popularity has grown each and every year. These girls are talented, beautiful and very hard working at what they do. They have to have good looks, personality and a strong skating ability. All of that is part of the package of being an Ice Girl in the NHL. But there is more to it than that.

A lot of these girls are called upon to represent the teams both on and off the ice. They do everything for their teams, from cleaning the ice and interacting with people in the crowd during home games, to going out to community events around the local areas. These girls do a lot for the teams they work for both on and off the ice and deserve a lot of credit for what they do.

Some people will debate which team in the NHL really does have the best Ice Girls in the league. That is where we come in. What we will be doing here is looking at the top five ice girl squads currently in the NHL. There is a bit of a thought process that goes into picking this list. You have to take into account the market the team is in, some stuff like that. The two biggest criteria for this top 5 list are skating ability and look of the girls. Let’s face facts — the Ice Girls of the NHL are some of the hottest cheerleaders, and women, on the planet. So with that in mind, here now is my pick for the top five ice girl squads in the entire NHL.

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5. Boston Bruins Ice Girls

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Ever since the 2002-03 season, the Bruins' Ice Girls have been a big hit around the league, and it’s easy to see why. The Bruins' Ice Girls work with many charities and non-profit organizations, and do a great job of representing the organization. Plus, the organization always finds a way to bring out some of the best-looking women in the New England area for their squad.

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4. Philadelphia Flyers Ice Girls

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From the City of Brotherly Love comes this fine crew of ice girls. The girls are quite attractive and bring the beauty to the rink that has been missing from Flyers games for a long time. Since starting up in 2004, the Flyers' ice crew has become a hit in the city and around the league in what is already a tough place to play in.

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3. Dallas Stars Ice Girls

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As the old saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. There is no exception here. The Stars have had Ice Girls since 2003 and have been a big part of Stars games ever since their inception. With such a strong tradition of extremely good-looking cheerleaders in the Dallas metro area, the Stars had no choice but to go out and put together one of the sexiest ice girl crews in the NHL.

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2. New York Islanders Ice Girls

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They are the ones who started it all. The Islanders broke the mold and first introduced the concept of Ice Girls into the NHL, and fans have been thankful for it ever since. The Islanders always find a way to bring in a top-notch ice crew every year. As it is, these attractive women are some of the very few reasons people have to visit to the decrepit old Nassau Coliseum night in and night out. Well, that was before the team started to play better, anyway.

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1. Los Angeles Kings Ice Girls

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The 2012 Stanley Cup Champions have the hottest ice crew in the entire league, snd I feel it’s kind of easy to see why. If the Kings couldn’t put together a fine-looking ice girl crew with all the aspiring actresses looking for work in L.A., nobody could. Obviously, the Kings did not let us down, here. Southern California has been very, very good to hockey fans when it comes to finding great women for the Kings' Ice Crew. Most Kings fans have become very grateful for it!