CBS Names New NFL Pregame Show 'That Other Pregame Show'

By Jack Jorgensen
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2013 NFL season draws ever nearer, our thirst for the game we love so much gets heavier and heavier. We’re almost upon that time where we wake up on Sunday mornings with the Christmas Day-type glow on our faces as we anticipate that 1 p.m. kickoff to start our day.

To pass the time on those Sunday mornings, we generally partake in pregame shows on whatever network we so choose. It’s a battle between the NFL Network, ESPN, CBS and FOX to see who can provide us with the best content as we await our games.

Well, with some of these networks branching out with different channels, it gives them the opportunity to start their Sunday coverage even earlier. Recently, our friends over at CBS decided that they would launch a pregame show that would start in the 9 a.m. EST slot over on their ‘CBS Sports Network.’ Great idea!

So obviously, the next step in this process was giving the show a name. They sure did, but I want everyone to remember that the person that came up with the name more than likely makes a six-figure salary to come up with stuff like this.

What I would like to think in my mind happened is that while sitting in a swanky New York board room, one insanely rich guy in a three-piece suit looked at a few other insanely rich guys in three-piece suits and said, “hey guys, I got it! Let’s call it ‘That Other Pregame Show.'”

And, not to be outdone by sheer stupidity, his colleagues responded with, “man, you’re just a genius. Mark it down, that’s what it is, let’s go run up a $300 lunch bill. Great work, guys!”

However it did go down, that is what the name of the show has been given. That Other Pregame Show will run from 9-1 p.m. EST, which will actually overlap into the pregame coverage on their parent network, and is said to feature some of the talent from ‘NFL Today’ before that showy goes live on the air at noon.


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