Charles Barkley Hits Nail on Head About George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin Case

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Love him or hate him, Charles Barkley is the man. You may think he’s “turrible” as a television analyst for the NBA on TNT and he may not have been a role model during his Hall of Fame career, but Chuck has always been a straight shooter and he gave a crystal-clear, spot-on answer when asked about the George Zimmerman verdict during his appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell.

“I agree with the verdict. I feel sorry that young kid got killed, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge [Zimmerman]. Something clearly went wrong that night.”

The show’s host, Maria Bartiromo, was taken aback by Barkley’s answer and then obviously followed up and Chuck gave all viewers more words of wisdom by saying racism exists in all colors and that both Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin were likely at fault for what happened. He specifically pointed out that his opinion as a black man probably isn’t very popular, but when has Chuck ever been one to care what others think?

Like Bartiromo, many likely find it astonishing that Barkley feels this way while many are calling for Zimmerman’s head after he was acquitted by a Florida jury. But when you stop and think about it, his answer was the most logical of all and he made sure everyone understands why.

“And let me say, Mr. Zimmerman was wrong — he was racial profiling. I think Trayvon Martin — God rest his soul — I think he did flip the switch and start beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman. But it was just a bad situation. And like I said, the main thing I feel bad for, it gives every white person and black person who is racist a platform to vent their ignorance.

“You know, that’s the thing that bothered me the most because I watched this trial closely, and I watched all these people on television talking about it. A lot of these people have a hidden agenda. You know, they want to have their racist views, whether they are white or black.”

God bless Charles Barkley for trying to end racism on all fronts while also trying to put some relatively positive closure on this tragic time for the Martin family. If everyone who knows only what the media has told them about the Zimmerman case thought as logically as Chuck, our nation wouldn’t be at odds over this case right now.

We may make jokes about Sir Charles as an analyst, but he has spoken more rationally than any other public figure with a national platform about this specific case and he’s to be praised for it. Thank you, Chuck. At least today, you are a role model.

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  • joe vette

    Go Knicks and bring back the “jump ball.”

  • Brian V Streeter

    “And let me say, Mr. Zimmerman was wrong — he was racial profiling. I think Trayvon Martin — God rest his soul — I think he did flip the switch and start beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman. ”

    You just hit the nail on the head, but you left out the fact that Trayvon was within his civil rights to whoop his sorry butt.

    • Farva55

      No. He wasn’t. Clearly you know nothing about the law, but let me teach you something.

      Asking someone what they’re doing in a neighborhood is 100% legal.
      Zimmerman could have called him every name in the book, doesn’t give someone the right to attack, thus what cost him A) his life and B) a conviction.

    • w b

      HAHAHAHA you just made me laugh with that nonesense

    • Rey

      And if a guy was ‘wooping your sorry butt’ would you just lie there and be beaten to death..or defend yourself by any means possible?

    • johnsnare


    • johnsnare

      Have all of you civic minded non racist people, forgot something.? Zimmerman, was hired to be the neighborhood watch person, whose job it was to be on the look out for any suspicious activity. What MSM, so conveniently forgot to mention, was, that particular neighborhood, was rife with crime. Think about this. For Zimmerman, to be allowed to have a legally licensed firearm, and carry it on his person, that speaks volume of what that community was all about. Unfortunately, Martin was a street thug, who was dealing drugs, and using them. Should he have died.? Of course not. He chose to double back and engage Zimmerman, because in my opinion, he thought he could whip his ass. Martin had the reputation as an accomplished street fighter, and thought Zimmerman would not be a problem. Ask yourself this simple question.? If it was you in Zimmermans shoes, what would you have done.? Take the beating, or try to mentor this troubled youth.??? Incidentally, Zimmerman never got the chance to even say something to Martin. He was cold cocked by a sucker punch, that broke his nose, and knocked him to the ground.

    • bcmugger

      You never have a right to attack anyone, if you believe that then you will end up same as TM.

  • Ronald Gomes

    Charles barkley is a fucking jerk.if Zimmerman would have listened to the police dispatcher and stayed in hs car trey would be alive today.

    • w b

      racist ,wanting to convict gz because his skin tone

    • edan

      Why do you black racists not hear the Zimmerman non-emergency call? The dispatcher A) did not tell Zimmerman to stay in his truck B) did not have the authority to ORDER Zimmerman to do anything, but C) when the dispatcher did recognize that Zimmerman had left his truck and was following, he “asked” Zimmerman to stop, and HE DID…

  • william alexander

    Charles Barkley is more of an idiot than i thought he was…which i thought was impossible!

    • Franklin Cooley

      You’re the idiot here! Zimmerman should never have been charged. There was no evidence to do so, and the trial very simply proved that. And Sir Charles is exactly right saying ‘it gives every white person and black person who is racist a platform to vent their ignorance. And that is what is happening now!

  • Common Sense

    Please save us from Charles Barkley!!! America knows he’s and idiot. They still listen to his dumb A??!! I really feel sorry for his daughter. When America needs a laugh, who do they call. CB!!!

  • jeandeux

    solid analysis.

  • divrdwn41

    Had Trayvon kept on walking to his dad’s condo and gone inside, he would probably be here today. If George Zimmerman were the person so many have made him out to be, his gun would have been out much sooner than it was. It actually took some time and physical abuse before it appeared.

    • gomugomu

      If George Zimmerman had stayed home and listened to the police instead of getting his gun, follow him in his car, and confront Trayvon, the 17 year old could have turned 18. Trayvon was protecting his own life….George killed him out of his own paranoia and stupidity.

      • carl6352

        he was heading back to his car when he got the st name. when martin jumped him and sucker punched him. he still never went for the gun until martin saw it and tried to get it. if you were on the bottom what would you do? it seems allot of people like you thuink he should have just laid there and took it. dumb

        • TommyPerkins

          I suppose you were there.

      • bcmugger

        Trayvon went jungle and you know it.

        • jack_sprat2

          The unspoken truth is that many of Tray’s supporters believe that it’s the DUTY of “white” people to just let them do as they please, without lifting a hand against even the worst of them.

          • TommyPerkins

            Yeah I know have all those blacks walking the street because they think they can. Now that’s just crazy.

      • jack_sprat2

        Zimmerman didn’t talk to any cops prior to his exiting his car. (He talked to a CIVILIAN dispatcher.) Even had he done so, there is NO legal obligation to obey ANYTHING which ANY cop tells ANYONE over the phone. (Unless YOU are a cop. Even then, there can only be administrative consequences, as the senior cop at the scene is still the controlling legal authority.)

        Nor was Tray protecting his life. When he passed Zimmerman’s car, he was only 100 yards from his Dad’s front door. A football player himself, Tray could surely have covered the distance in less than the four minutes which Zimmerman subsequently spent in conversation with the police dispatcher, before exiting his car.

        Instead, Tray CHOSE to stay around, in hiding, before confronting Zimmerman. He then knocked George to the ground, planted himself astride Zimmerman’s prone body, and then repeatedly slammed his head into the pavement. Why did he do all of that? Maybe it was the after-effects of the purple drank for which he’d just picked up more ingredients. (Skittles + Arizona Iced Tea + Robitussin cough syrup = “purple drank” aka “Zombie cocktail”. It’s the choice of “Face Eaters” everywhere, causing paranoia that can last for DAYS afterward. And Tray had recently boasted on social media about his having scored a supplier of Robitussin.)

      • DC Livingstone

        Boy, got what he deserved. Dead.

    • daedae

      you low life fool may your child meet the same fate

      • divrdwn41

        I wont worry because my kids would not have acted like Martin did.

        • daedae

          whats that, your kid won’t walk home, or go to the store, anyway, I pray it does happen to the piece of crap

          • bcmugger

            I hope you get whats coming to you, just like the rest of you,

          • jack_sprat2

            So did Tray.

        • TommyPerkins

          Yeah because only a real man would try to defend themselves. And your kids well probably act like girls.

  • inyourpuka

    barkley was absolutely correct! If Zimmerman was black no one would care about a punk thug kid getting killed by another black man.

    • gomugomu

      And if Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was white, there would be burning crosses and white hooded folks all over the lawns. ;)

      • carl6352

        that sir is bull. when oj was aquitted did you see any of that crap you wrote? i don’t care what color either of them were. what caused the escalation was a punk who instead of going home and ignoring the person decided to escalate it into a beat down. to bad for him when he went for the gun the victim shot him. as for profiling once again color had no meaning that night he would have followed him any way. a good watch man. by the way. there was proof he was doing houses in miami.

        • Allaine Foster

          No, you used your resources until you found a way to put him in jail. I’m not mad at you for having the resources, but you do really need to keep it real. Zimmerman murdered that boy, the prosecution helped his defense and that’s how the system does.

      • Sicarium

        You realize Zimmerman was hispanic right…?

      • jack_sprat2

        Blacks killed 180,000-200,000 whites between 1970-2010.
        Whites killed “only” 27,000 blacks between 1970-2010.
        How many crosses have we burned in front of you since 1970?
        How many white hooded men have invaded your hoods since 1970?

        When are you going to wake up and join the present?
        When are you going to concede that the past is past?
        When are you going to orient yourself to your future?

        When are you going to let go of your hate?

        • TommyPerkins

          Actually when I was a kid in Oxnard California. The KKK filed for a permit to march. And received it. Even though that march never happened. Oxnardians ran them out of town like the plague.

  • edan

    I like Charles Barkley. His basketball knowledge is spot on, and you can tell he really pays attention to everything going on in the world of sports. Not just basketball. The idea that he understood the facts of the Case and gave another spot on assessment, only makes me respect him that much more. He’s also really entertaining.

    • G. Money

      Dude…Charles is a total tool, stupid @zz idiot.

  • Lionheart

    Ask the round mound how many fights he was in and how many people wound up dead?

    • Bryan

      So you need to be in a fight that ended with a fatality to have a valid point of view?

      • Lionheart

        No. I have had many fist fights growing up in Brooklyn none ended in a fatality. Zimmerman should have been convicted of manslaughter Charles should know better

        • bcmugger

          Trayvon should have just went o his way and he`d be alive.

  • Tim Quigley

    I’m shocked by the countries reaction on both sides. Last week I thought we were going back to the 60′s and street protests. If Zimmerman had been shot and killed in the scuffle..I doubt if any press coverage would happen. It would barely make the local news. But since it was a black’s a crisis. And I don’t understand why the prosecution didn’t pursue the fact that Travan was a martial arts student and used his skills like a weapon..which is why people use it and learn they don’t care a firearm but they ARE just as lethal at close distance. So that was wrong to me as everybody seems to want to show Travan as a defenseless skittles eater and that he was slaughtered, Absolutely not. This all will pass and we’ll all move on but this country should get ready for our AG to bring a racism charge against Zimmerman and that’s going to really rip this country down the middle if he does. We’ll see.

  • Steven Berry

    Barkley is a man who embraces common sense as we all shouldhe question I have is if we weren’t lied to by presenting an image of Martin as a 12 year old kid…and had been shown the real Trayvone at 17 years old 6′ 2″ tall and a built well would we have instead been outraged by Trayvons taking on someone much weaker appearing then him. ..? The good thing about truth being the best way to resolve lioes that we hopefully will not be subjected to another episode of the the family of Trayvon suing Zimmerman in civil court…I hope it is finally at an end

  • Chris Wyman

    I’m not racist so I don’t give a flying eff about what anyone thinks.

  • Ramona

    I think we all watch too much TV and Bruce Willis movies including this young kid who saw someone following him, hid in the bushes, realized he was right, and tried to defend himself for whatever reason. What would you have done? I’m a woman so I don’t know. I know I couldn’t have outran a man so I might have jumped him from behind. When you’re scared you do all sort of things. The question is: Did the youngster really jump the gunman? No one knows what happened or didn’t happen but Zimmerman and he has his story whether it’s true or not. Charles is right, in cases like these, there was not enough evidence, but the facts remain: Zimmerman is the gunman in this case and Martin is an unarmed kid on his way home from buying Skittles. No one can change those facts.

    • sharewhut

      Seriously, you know you can’t outrun him so you’re going to jump him hoping you can overpower him?

      You’re not going to hang up the call with your friend and call the cops to say someone’s following you, instead you’re going to double back and confront him?

      That’s not defending yourself, or even standing your ground-it’s going on the offensive. And the evidence (including location of fight and where Zimmerman dropped his keys) indicate Zimmerman may actually have been retreating to his vehicle.

      Martin was not a ‘kid’, he was a young man. Who as we’ve seen from things not allowed in evidence had a keen interest in street fighting and obtaining a gun. Which I’m sure he would have registered and gotten a permit for. Imagine if he had managed to get hold of Zimmerman’s gun and gone back home to Miami.

      • bbrxpress

        Zimmerman will eventually be forgotten, but why are we listening to an
        ex-”professional” ball player who spit in a fan’s face. Barkley
        made poor unethical decisions then, and he’s still making them.
        Everyone acts so afraid of nailing him to the wall. Don’t call him a
        straight shooter out of fear, just because you can’t nail the truth on the
        head. Ridiculous!

    • jack_sprat2

      Tray had 4 minutes to go the length of a football field to his Dad’s front door, in between when he passed George’s car and Zimmerman left it. Tray was also both 11 years younger and in far better shape than George.

      As for the rest, you’re mostly right, but none of it would excuse jumping George. I’ve held my own fear in check when followed by young black men in the streets; so should’ve Tray. Now, as for the Skittles and iced tea, that was almost certainly intended to go with the Robitussin cough syrup for which he’d bragged on scoring a supplier, so that he could cook some “purple drank” on his stove-top.

  • Bryan

    I agree with every thing Barkley said except for the racial profiling. I think GZ profiled TM as suspicious based on his observation, but I dont think it was based on race.

  • daedae

    barkley and the gay azz writer are low liffe fools and may someone in their family die the same way


    Zimmerman is an idiot! How do you begin harassing someone, get your ass beat, then cry I was standing my ground. You can’t start a situation, then get scared and shoot someone! Then its amazing how more than half of the white people that think Zimmerman was innocent, clearly start defending their statements by first saying “I AM NOT RACIST.” LMAO. You people are fucking jokes.

    • bcmugger

      Thats exactly why niggas get whooped over by cops because they are retards like you.

    • CharlesS702

      It’s amazing how 99.5% of blacks can say Zimmerman is guilty and then claim “WE ARE NOT RACIST.” It’s funny how 50% of blacks wouldn’t have said anything if Trayvon had been white. It’s even funnier when the other 49.5% would have said “cracker got what he deserved.” There is however that 0.5% like Charles Barkley who don’t care about race. Then he gets “demonised” within the black community for not being told what to think by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Also Trayvon never told Zimmerman to leave him alone or to quit following him so how could Zimmerman have been harassing him?

      • THE TRUTH

        LMAO. If Trayvon would have been WHITE, then Zimmerman would have been arrested and jailed on the night in question. If you try to compare circumstances in a black vs white light in an attempt to draw the conclusion that there is a 50/50 equality of blacks and whites then you clearly dont know anything about history!

  • robycop3

    As a former cop, I’d be watching a black person skulking around at nitht in a ‘hood where no blax lived. And also vice versa, same as I’d watch a person wearing a ski mask near a business in 90 degree weather. If that’s profiling, so be it.

    IMO, Barkley was spot on.

    • Marvin Ruffin

      His father and his father’s girlfriend lived there so your point is moot. Oh and FYI, I’m not sure where you live, but I visit my friends in “white nieghborhoods” all the time…We, unlike your generation, hangout together these days.

  • bcmugger

    Next week barkely will be calling some white person a cracker as usual.

    • doc

      Why, because he didn’t side with Martin just because he is black? Every one is entitled to their own opinion, regardless of race, creed, or color.


    Sir Charles has lived a charmed life. If it would have been him at age 17 he would be as dead as Trayvon and in Florida 50 years ago (where they still had black & white water fountains in the 1925 courthouse the only one using the word SIR would have been Charles. He got lucky and had talent in basketball otherwise what would he be doing. I am a white woman and I am sick of his BS. He thinks like a whiteman because of his fame.I used to like him but Ihe knows nothing about the law and nothing about the case. Zimmerman should have been charged with manslaughter and the trial should have been in a different venuea city not the home of “we didn’t let Jackie Robinson play here and proud of it” a KKK stronghold! Barkley SHUT UP!

  • MARINEWTI George

    I’m not a BO fan, but the segment below is spot on. The sad thing, is that it is white man who is making the KEY points – Pass this on to your lists.

  • eric navarro

    One of the most insightful and plain speaking comments on the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin tragedy. I agree with you Mr. Barkley and moving forward, the media must be more responsible in reporting and sorting out facts. Self defense laws started in 1895 after a Supreme court ruling, (Beard v. US), which attempted to reverse a conviction for a man standing his ground with a resulting tragedy. Fast forward to today, and the laws of Self Defense have residually turned into what Florida interprets as “Stand your Ground”. My heart goes out for any parent that has to bury their child or any loved one for that matter that involves violence and senseless killing(s).

  • DC Livingstone

    Whatever Chuck. The Boy (his mommas description) deserved what he got. We got plenty more bullets for folks that want to act-a-fool in Florida.F-’em, all!

    • Armor

      DC Livingstone A sick person like you should be chased and shot for those comments you are an ignorant idiot caring nothing about teens being shot.