Cincinnati Bengals Hard Knocks 2013 Training Camp Trailer

By Jeric Griffin

If there’s one thing HBO’s Hard Knocks does not do for an NFL team, it’s paint the players in a positive light. However, the Cincinnati Bengals will be the second team to make a repeat appearance on the reality TV series this year, so it must not bother them, as shown in the trailer for this season above.

Training camp is when all the blood, sweat, profanity and ill tempers of NFL players and coaches are exploited. Exhibit A: The New York Jets in 2010. There is no film rating for all the expletives (most f-bombs) dropped by Jets head coach Rex Ryan during that season.

The Bengals are just like any other team in that department, but they have a different problem: staying out of trouble with the law. However, team owner Mike Brown says he thinks his team’s return to the show will help paint his team in a positive light for 2013. Did this dude just hit his head?

Sure, folks will watch Hard Knocks like they always do because they’re craving football and it’s the first taste, but that doesn’t mean they’ll like the Bengals any more than they did before watching. Brown wants his team’s “villainous” reputation to be corrected with the show, even though it will only exploit the fact the Bengals have a history of players with criminal records. But this is the same team that’s never won a Super Bowl, so this kind of thinking shouldn’t come as a surprise in Cincinnati.

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