What Did That Poor Phone Ever Do To David Ortiz?

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

That poor phone … what did he ever do to receive such cruel treatment at the hands of Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz? And I say the phone is a he because according to Keith Hernandez, only men are allowed in the dugout. But I digress.

If you did not watch the Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles game on Saturday night and have no idea what the heck I am talking about, then you obviously live under a rock. So for all you rock inhabitants, please see what I am talking about either on Youtube or MLB.com before you finish reading this article. Many thanks.

So for all of you wise individuals who saw the physical abuse that poor phone received at the hands, or to be more politically correct, the bat of Ortiz, do you think he should have been suspended next game?

I believe he should have since not only was his actions dangerous, as he could have seriously hurt himself and his teammates either with his bat or all of the phone debris flying all over the dugout, but with no consequence, it allows the further abuse to phones all over the league.

Luckily for Red Sox fans, Ortiz did not get suspended and the next day went 4-for-4 with a two-run home run, leading the Sox to a 5-0 win over the Orioles. But now back to my point.

With no suspension, I mean, who says Ortiz’s phone abuse will not happen in other dugouts of other teams around the league now? What if Ike Davis on the New York Mets strikes out for the sixth time in one game and then feels he has the right to bash and destroy the Mets dugout phone because of what Ortiz did on Saturday? In my opinion, it’s just another poor decision on the part of Major League Baseball.

Good job Bud Selig. First, you can’t do anything preventing players using steroids and now they are taking out that ‘roid rage on poor dugout phones. How can you live with yourself?

Please everyone, find it in your heart to read and share this article to spread the word and prevent the further abuse of dugout phones all around baseball. Without us concerned fans, nothing will be done since the commissioner is busy making appearances at Baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies inducting players from millenniums ago (when gloves weren’t invented yet), umpires (yes, I said umpires) and owners who were around the time when Babe Ruth played, making the baseball Hall of Fame just as special as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But once again, I digress.