Justin Masterson Gets Pelted with Seeds During Interview, Keeps Composure

By Andrew Fisher
Justin Masterson
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Anybody who’s ever played baseball knows that sunflower seeds are just a part of the game. It’s kind of a weird tradition if you think about it – players eating seeds and spitting shells during a live game, but there are a lot of weird things in baseball. Besides eating the seeds, players that ride the pine frequently find ways to entertain themselves by throwing or snapping the seeds at their teammates. A few members of the Cleveland Indians decided to throw a few seeds and some water towards pitcher Justin Masterson while he was in the midst of an in-game interview.

You have to give Masterson all the credit in the world. How he keeps his composure for the entire two minute interview is beyond me. To call the guys hitting him with water and seeds relentless, wouldn’t be giving them enough credit. It’s just non-stop flowing water and raining seeds the who time. Props to them on a job well done, but Masterson clearly won that round by holding it together and actually giving a good interview.

That’s just one example of why people love the game of baseball. It’s very different, but it’s all the little weird superstitions and traditions that make it great. Pranks go right along with everything else, whether it’s in the dugout, locker room or on the way home, players are always at risk of a prank being pulled on them. Hey, it’s a 162-game season for MLB players and they have to find a way to stay entertained.


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