Oregon's New Football Facility is Crazier Than Ducks' Uniforms (Photo Gallery)

By Jeric Griffin

The Oregon Ducks really enjoy setting new standards in college football because they’re about to do it again. As you can see in the gallery above, the university is building a new $68 million football facility that looks like something out of a futuristic movie. The Ducks have always lassoed the future to bring it to the present in their style of play and uniform combinations, but now they’re doing it off the field. Well, sort of.

Check out the stats:

– 64 55-inch televisions that can collectively project one single image
– Crazy cafeteria with tribute to other Pac-12 teams with words “eat your enemies”
– Players lounge with six video game stations
– Locker rooms that look like the Death Star from Star Wars
– “War room” with six 80-inch televisions

Put simply, there’s no NFL team that has facilities this nice, much less another college program. Oregon obviously isn’t worried about its future without Chip Kelly because this little project definitely ain’t cheap. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t go to waste.

Thanks to GoDucks.com and photographer Eric Evans for permission to use the photos.

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