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10 Amazing Bo Jackson Plays

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Bo Jackson - 10 Amazing Plays To Pay Respect to the Man


Bo Jackson is one of the greatest athletes in the history of American sports. If you don't know Bo, you're missing out. There's never been a player like him before or since. He was a rare talent and some consider him to be the best two-sport athlete of all-time.

The story of Bo Jackson is a tremendous one, and if you haven't seen the 30/30 piece on him, do yourself a favor and spend the time to watch it. Bo was an athlete like no one had ever seen before. He was an All-Star level talent at two major sports.

On his good days in the NFL, there wasn't much you could do to stop him. He possessed such a blend of size, speed and power, that he was nearly indefensible at times. On the baseball diamond, Bo made plays that only Bo could make. With a cannon for an arm and speed like a deer, he was able to do things that people thought were impossible.

Unfortunately, his football career was ended by a hip injury, and subsequently his MLB career was altered greatly. Bo did return to play baseball after hip replacement surgery, but he clearly wasn't the same player. He was still an amazing athlete and went on to play two more seasons. He batted .279 in his final season of 1994, which was ultimately ended by the strike.

When you look at Bo's career numbers, the sad reality is that he'll never be enshrined into either hall of fame. He was only around for such a short time that he never got to build a hall of fame resume, even though we can all see that he's HOF-calbier and on a level all his own.

Here are 10 amazing plays from the career of Bo Jackson:

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Bo's First TD Run in the NFL


Bo's rookie season was in 1987, he would go on to rush for 554 yards and four touchdowns.

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Inside the Park Home Run


His running back speed was in full effect on this famous inside the park home run.

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Vintage Bo


Bo could simply run people over and run on by them.

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Deion Sanders' Bo Moment


Stumbled upon this gem. Bo tosses Deion aside like it's nothing.

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The Throw


This is an example of a play only Bo could make.

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Bo Runs Up the Outfield Wall


Why not run up the wall if you can?

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Bo Smash!


Not only was this dude crazy fast, he was also tremendously strong. You ever try breaking a bat over your knee?

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Don't Run on Bo


Even in the later portion of his career, Bo's cannon never went away.

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91-Yard Touchdown Run


This had to inspire the football scene in Forrest Gump...

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Bo Leads Off the 1989 All-Star Game With a Home Run


This is the stuff legends are made of.