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Top 5 Most Insane Things Done by SEC Fans

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Most Insane Things Done by SEC Fans

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Everyone has a certain team that they follow when it comes to college sports. In the SEC, the fans are crazier than most. An SEC fan will probably “bleed” those colors, wear their logoed pajamas and sing their fight songs at weddings. In SEC country, that’s seen as completely normal and even encouraged. SEC fans see crazy as normal; that isn’t a point that can be disputed in any way.

However, there are some fans that take it to the extreme. It takes a lot to go to the extreme as part of a fan base where it is perfectly normal to shave logos into your head, paint yourself different colors, curse on live television and wearing bad tattoos are sometimes even praised. The people that do take it to the extreme commit some of the craziest random actions on the face of the Earth.

Whether if it’s the alcohol or just the mentality in the SEC, insane people are bound to pop up. It will come to no one’s surprise that the list is dominated by Alabama Crimson Tide football fans. There aren’t crazier fan bases in the entire country. However, instead of putting just five crazy actions by Alabama fans, there are a few other notable insane actions thrown in.

Here is a list of the top five craziest things done or said by fans of a team in the SEC. If you know of any other insane fan actions that should have made this list, feel free to comment below and leave a link.

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No. 5 Kentucky Fan Blames Socialism

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UK was not given an NCAA tournament berth in 2013 after a subpar season. A crazed Wildcat fan actually said, “I think it’s a disgrace and a joke that the NCAA didn’t put us in the tournament. If you ask me, it’s a bunch of liberal socialism that’s made its way into sports.” Someone needs to buy a dictionary.

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No. 4 Tennessee Fan's "Present" To ESPN Analyst

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A Tennessee fan, angry about Peyton Manning’s Heisman snub, used FedEx to send feces to Chris Fowler. Let me repeat that. He paid FedEx to send feces to an ESPN analyst out of anger.

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No. 3 Alabama Fan Performs Lewd Act On LSU Fan

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An LSU fan passed out in a local Krystal, and an Alabama fan rubbed his genitals on his face. This was in public.

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No. 2 The Auburn Tree Incident

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If you pay any attention to sports, you heard what a crazed fan did to a tree revered by Auburn. He poisoned it. An Alabama fan hated Auburn so much he poisoned their famous tree. That's a new level of hate.

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No. 1 Nick Saban and Hitler – Good?

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I can’t make this up. An Alabama fan called into a sports radio show and compared head coach Nick Saban to Hitler in a positive way.