ESPN Does Right Thing By Firing Hugh Douglas Over Alleged Racial Comments

Hugh Douglas

Image via @TheCoachESPN

Most on-air personalities that get canned from ESPN are going to draw some attention. In the case of Hugh Douglas, it’s drawing a lot of attention. The now former host of Numbers Never Lie was fired by the network on Tuesday after reports surfaced that he directed racial comments towards his co-host Michael Smith.

Douglas alleged showed up drunk at a writers convention on August 2nd and got into an altercation with Smith. Multiple people have reportedly confirmed that Douglas called Smith a ‘house n*****’ and an ‘uncle tom.’ He also allegedly threatened to fight him.

ESPN learned of this several days back and ultimately decided firing Douglas was the best option.

I fully agree with the network’s decision to move on from Douglas. With the Riley Cooper incident fresh in everyone’s mind, this was a chance for them to prove a point that racial comments will not be tolerated.

It doesn’t matter what race you are, you shouldn’t be saying slur words. Even if Douglas’ comments were directed at a man the same race as him, it still doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t be saying the words he did.

That’s the only way our society will be able to move on from the use of racial slurs – everyone has to stop using them. There’s no place in today’s world for comments like Douglas’.

ESPN will be fine in all of this, as they’ve simply removed yet another marginal talent from their roster of analysts.


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  • obakasux

    now unemployed hugh can stay at home, in his house, niggah

  • Benjamín Mendoza III

    calling Hugh Douglas marginal is unnecessary

  • Thomas

    Jimmy ” The Greek ” Snyder used to get sloshed & say Inappropriate comments & he was canned too….When U are a high profile athlete, spokesperson, personality whatever…U better measure the words U spew anywhere…..Oh.. the Viqueens S… !

  • Damion Caldwell

    Getting everyone to stop using racial slurs will not do anything but act as a bandaid to stop the bleeding. What should be the focus and has been ignored historically is the global power structure that created the slurs and actively practiced racism through various systems to maintain the power. Makes no sense to address the symptoms of the problem and ignore the source that creates the issue.

  • DC Livingstone

    Niggers calling Niggers is as bad as Mick’s calling Niggers, Niggers. Just Sayin’.

    • BigManStan

      do you really fell the need to say Niggers? and Mick? hell include every race and call Italians Daegos

      • DC Livingstone

        I iz a Mick. Point iz – iz once they are just words–nobody will care. I don’t.

  • Pistol_Pablo

    I don’t think he got fired b/c of the racial slurs. That’s what everyone is focused on but I think he got fired for being drunk, causing a scene and wanting to fight Smith. This might not have been the first act of misbehavior by Douglas. Maybe this was the last straw so to speak for ESPN.