Madden 25 Demo: Worst New Feature

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The problem with longstanding video games is that eventually they run out of things to improve. There are only so many tweaks that can be made to a game before it starts getting repetitive and feeling like the same games with new names. That is the case with the new addition of EA Sports’ Madden 25, and is the only problem that I had with the demo version that was released on Tuesday.

My first thought when seeing that game was, “what? 14 comes after 13, not 25.” However, I realized that it was 25 years of the Madden game. Still, it seems like the number change was unnecessary. The confusing out-of-order franchise number was one of the very few things wrong with this video game that definitely lived up to expectations.

The only major problem with the Madden 25 game is that the graphics are not anything spectacular. There is very little improvement from Madden 13 to this game. Whether that is because of the absence of a new console at the moment is yet to be seen.

XBOX One and PlayStation 4 will be available around November of 2013, and the improved graphics of the systems themselves will allow may revolutionize the way that Madden 25 looks, as it is poised to do so for video games in general.

So, although the graphics show very little improvement from Madden 13, this game is lacking in very little. It feels like a revamped Madden 13 with a few small tweaks, but I highly recommend downloading the demo version and trying it out for yourself.

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    i don’t get it the same graphics is the “worst new feature”.

    Just played 2 games on the demo last night. Here is what to expect.
    1. Option plays are revamped and awesome. It even tells you which player on defense you are watching..Def a fun new feature that can result in huge running plays.
    2. I had madden 13 last year and right away I noticed the tackling is better in 25. In 13 you get alot of gang tackling. I seen a variety of different tackles in just the two games I played. Including shoestring tackles which I did not see in 13.
    3. Blocking seems improved or at least different than 13. I noticed better double teams on my nose tackle, for example the nose tackle actually was getting pushed backed like 4 or 5 yards when double teamed!

    Anyways its better than 13

    • Taylor Sturm

      I agree completely. The point was that there wasn’t really anything wrong with it.


        Cool. Can’t wait to get the full version

  • Johny Jacques

    Downloaded demo and realized I’m playing a game that’s just as lame as the last Madden I got suckered into buying 2010…game sucks, cant believe in 2013 we are excited to play something like this…no innovation at all…Guess I’ll be putting some more mileage on my NBA 2k13 again during football season this year…hopefully this maddeness ends next year and we can get 2k back