New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Puts Party Home On Market; Partying Days Over?

By Brian Skinnell
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Is it possible that we’ve come across a hidden hobby, or at least one that doesn’t involve partying, of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski?

Yesterday, the story broke that Gronk has put his Tampa, Florida pad up for sale. The sale price is a cool $2.4 million, but he bought it for $1.6 million. Along with spiking footballs so hard that they pop, does Gronkowski like to flip houses in his free time?

This house is amazingly beautiful. It’s got everything you would ever want, and it is actually fairly affordable compared to the ridiculous amounts of money that other professional athletes have spent on homes. Well done, Gronk. Way to be responsible with your cash.

Of course, there could be another reason why Gronk is selling the house. One media outlet reported back in February that his friends threw a party at the house without him. One young lady that attended the shindig posted a photo of her a couple friends in front his pool and tweeted, “Casual pool party at rob gronkowskis.”

Could the neighbors have been too lame for Gronkowski and company, thus forcing him to move out of the neighborhood?

Or is it simply that Gronkowski’s run of partying is over? Is he ditching his Florida home and heading up north where his family and the Patriots are? If you’re the Patriots’ brass, you can only hope that he has matured.

Almost as important as the reasons for Gronk selling the house is what you’ll get for buying the house. It is 4,781 square feet with four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It’s got wood, carpet and marble flooring with a balcony/sun deck. It has also comes with a pool, spa and water front property. On top of that, it’s in a gated community.

Need a vacation home in Florida? Well, one just opened up for $2.4 million! It’s got curb appeal, a beautiful view and has got all the fixings. Just … mind the beer cans when you first get there.

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