Pictures of Kate Upton’s Love For Sports

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Kate Upton's Love for Sports In Pictures

Kate Upton's Twitter Photos
Image via @KateUpton

At just 21, Kate Upton is one of America's favourite young women, and one of the World's most recognized models during the new decade. Upton recently stated that she wanted to be recognized or at least considered for more than ​just​ her modelling career. So, we've collated some images to combine her modelling success with something she also takes pride in, enjoys and has a real passion for.

Sports. We love it, you most likely love it (that's why you're here!) and Upton sure loves it too! If you follow her on Twitter, then you'll have most likely noticed her boasting about her well-earned seats in expensive suites and boxes around some of America's top sporting venues. From time to time, she also posts images of this, and it became evident after a while that sports is right up there in her lists of interests.

From interviews to magazine covers, a lot of her work has involved sports in some form or another. The images in this sideshow were all taken from her very own Twitter account -- displaying a first-hand example of her love for sports and what she gets up to! Apart from these images giving us an insight into an interest she shares with us, they also are fine examples of why she has become such a successful figure in recent years.

So enjoy these images of Kate Upton's love for sports, as she gets up to various activities and watches the games in ways which make us so envious.

Comment below if you agree with her personal choices for teams!

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kate upton motor sport
Image via @KateUpton

No helmet! That is dangerous.

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Bull Riding

kate upton riding
Image via @KateUpton

Upton with a professional bull riding trophy, as she attended an event which transformed the MSG into a bull riding arena!

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

kate upton nfl
Image via @KateUpton

You may not agree with it, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to be Upton's most beloved NFL team.

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New York Yankees

Kate Upton NBL
Image via @KateUpton

And in MLB, it seems to be the New York Yankees!

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Horse Riding

kate upton on a horse
Image via @KateUpton

Upton seems to have a strong affection for horse riding, as you'll soon notice!

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Horse Riding Again

Kate upton on a horse
Image via @KateUpton


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Kate upton bikini
Image via @KateUpton

Here is a picture she uploaded before a swimsuit shoot!

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Giving Tips

Kate upton video game tips
Image via @KateUpton

In early 2012, Upton gave various MLB stars tips ahead of the 2K12 game release!

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Kate upton michigan
Image via @KateUpton

Judging by the yellow tees that Upton and her brother are wearing, she is also a Michigan Wolverines fan.

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Kate upton classic car
Image via @KateUpton

Possibly just for a photo shoot but, is Upton also into motorsports?

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kate upton golf
Image via @KateUpton

On par.

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Horse Riding ... again

Kate upton horseback
Image via @KateUpton

I did say!

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No. 1 Fan

Kate upton foam finger
Image via @KateUpton

Perfect picture to end with? Kate Upton is evidently a big sports fan like us too!