New York Islanders Winger Matt Martin To Try His Hand At Reporting

By Matthew Solomon
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

During his time in the NHL, forward Matt Martin has made a name for himself with his physical play. The New York Islanders left winger has been in the top five in the league in hits over the past few years, so he knows how to play the physical game.

During his time in the big leagues, Martin has been surrounded by stars. He’s used to that kind of thing. He will be surrounded by stars again this weekend, except none of them will be hockey players. No, this weekend, Martin will be surrounded by music stars as he will be working the MTV Video Music Awards.

Martin is used to being in front of cameras as he’s used to getting interviewed for what he does on the ice. Now he will be doing the interviewing, as he will be  a red-carpet reporter for Barclays Center‘s BCTV, working alongside Alyonka Larionov, daughter of Hockey Hall of Fame member Igor Larionov.

What Martin will be doing is co-hosting the red carpet show and doing interviews, which will be shown throughout the arena and on the Barclays Center’s website. This will be Martin’s first foray into the reporting business. He’s expecting to have a few jitters but said he plans on having fun with a new experience.

This will be fun to watch. What is going to really make this interesting is to see if Martin has picked up any the tricks of the trade from being interviewed. He should be able to fit in just fine at asking the right questions.

Martin is also no slouch to the music game. Being an avid country music fan, he has seen some of the big-name stars live, so he seemed like a perfect fit for the red carpet special. Plus, since the Islanders are going to be moving to the Barclays Center in two years, it would help him get just that much more acclimated with the building.

So everybody wins here. Martin gets exposure to a new career possibility if something should happen to his playing career. The Islanders get more exposure both in the Barclays Center and in different mediums. It should make for some fun TV to watch. The MTV Video Music Awards will be shown live Sunday on MTV at 9 p.m. ET.

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