Watch Riley Cooper and Cary Williams Go At It During Philadelphia Eagles Practice

By Andrew Fisher
Riley Cooper
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After it seemed the dust had finally settled over Riley Cooper‘s uttering of a racial slur, video has emerged from Philadelphia Eagles‘ practice showing the wide receiver in a scrap with teammate Cary Williams. Here’s a look at the two Eagles going at it:

Anybody shocked by this? I know I’m not. The only thing that’s remotely surprising is the fact that it took this long for an incident to occur. At the same time, this is the first reported incident. It’s now been several weeks since the shocking footage of Cooper using the n-word was released and Eagles fans have been hoping like heck that his teammates will forgive him.

To be fair to both players, scraps happen all the time during NFL practices. There’s no word yet as to what was said during the incident or what exactly started it, but everyone is going to assume that Williams hates Cooper’s guts after what he said.

But no matter what the root cause of the incident was, the important thing is that it’s now behind the team. It’s good to see that Michael Vick stepped in and calmed things down, which is the sign of a true leader.

Nearly everyone across the football world has the Eagles picked dead last in the year’s NFC East, so it’s pretty clear they’re going to need everyone on the same page as they get set to begin the 2013 season.


Should Philadelphia Eagles Be Concerned With Cary Williams-Riley Cooper Spat?


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