Houston Texans Cheerleaders Provide Season Opener Edition For 'Freestyle Friday'

By Dan Parzych

If you love beautiful women, cars, motorcycles, and football–then you’re going to love the latest Freestyle Friday video by the Houston Texans cheerleaders.

Last week, the lovely ladies who cheer on the Texans from the sidelines ended the summer in the best way possible by taking their Freestyle Friday videos to a whole new level by hosting a dance off at the pool. It’s one thing to show off your amazing dance moves in a regular routine, but to add a little twist by showing off your diving skills as well was just simply awesome.

Week 1 in the NFL is officially underway after the Denver Broncos crushed the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday and the Texans will kickoff their season on Monday Night Football in a key matchup against the San Diego Chargers on the road. In honor of their beloved Texans getting their season under way, this lovely cheerleading squad decided to take their dancing skills to the parking lot this time for a dance off that will get any Houston fan fired up for Monday.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–these Freestyle Friday videos have become one of the best traditions for football fans to follow as they’re fun to watch each week. And the best part about this week’s edition is the music fits perfectly when it comes to getting fans fired up for the start of the regular season.

As beautiful as these ladies are in this video, it’s safe to say the main question on the back of the minds of Texans fans is where can one buy a sweet Texans truck and motorcycle like the ones featured in this video? Better yet, was that J.J. Watt on the motorcycle?

And of course, if you’re a big fan of the Freestyle Friday videos, be sure to check out latest episode of The HTC Social Club with Shannon (@HTC_Shannon) and Amelia (@HTC_Amelia) below–those two ladies are simply awesome.

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