Eminem Looks Super Drugged Out in Halftime Interview of Michigan Game

By Connor Muldowney
via Eminem’s facebook page

If you were watching the halftime show of the Michigan Wolverines vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, you probably saw the show of highlights and what usually ensues the final seconds of the first half. You may have also seen the rapper, Eminem, look drugged up on ESPN.

It was awkward for everyone involved and it could be the root of drug problems that have arisen in his past. It’s tough to see such a great public figure from Detroit look so awkward and under the influence like he was on Saturday night.

Check out the video here:

The interview began with him standing there with a blank stare on his face as Kirk Herbstreit was talking and it just got worse as they began to ask him questions about his new CD and he didn’t pay attention long enough to answer. He had to ask Brent Musburger to repeat the question once again.

His answer was even more puzzling as he seemed to ramble on and it just looked like he had no idea what was going on. It was really obvious by Murburger and Herbstreit’s reaction that they knew something was going on with the famous rapper.

Even after Eminem left the room, Herbstreit said that it was great to have the guy in and Musburger chimed in with a ‘yeah, that was interesting’. I really hope he can get his problems under control because he showcased in front of the entire nation that he might still have a substance abuse problem.

Not good, Marshall. Not good.

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