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Top 5 Nickname Options For Houston Astros’ Brett Oberholtzer

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Oberholtzer Begs To Be Nicknamed

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Nearly every athlete who has ever lived has had a nickname or two, or seven. The MLB especially has been historically one of the best leagues for uncovering some spectacular nicknames. Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, Dizzy Dean, Big Papi and Teddy Ballgame are some, just to name a few.

No one likes saying an enormous, multi-syllabic name, so the tradition has been to shorten the name into something quick and catchy. For instance, Troy Tulowitzki answers to Tulo, Bill Mazeroski went by Maz, Carl Yastrzemski went by Yaz and Mark Teixeira goes by Tex. It’s easier to say, and far easier to spell or type.

By those standards, the assumed nickname for Brett Oberholtzer is ‘Obi.’ It’s short, sweet, and everyone knows, or will know in time, who it refers too.

But no one likes the easy way out.

Yastrzemski also went by Captain Carl. Bill Mazeroski earned the nickname No Touch. There is a difference between convenience nicknames, like Yaz, Maz and Obi, and earned nicknames like Hammerin’ Hank Aaron.

Granted, Oberholtzer is in his rookie season, and even though he has gone 4-2 with a 1.98 ERA as a starter, it’s a small sample size. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t done the bear minimum to start earning some nicknames.

This list is dedicated to the top five nickname possibilities for a guy with the unconventional last name of Oberholzter. While Obi will most likely remain the way to go, other options are never a bad thing. Please feel free to add suggestions after perusing the possibilities.

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5. Mt. Kilimanjoltzer

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Mountains are tough to climb, or it might be said that they are tough to defeat. The same goes with Brett Oberholtzer. I’ll admit that this is a terrible nickname, but it had to be listed because of its absurdity. Get moving to No. 4, quick.

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4. Obladi, Obladoltzer

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A play off of the Beatles song ‘Obladi, Oblada,’ this nickname really plays off of how the name doesn’t really sound good with anything. Whenever someone sees or hears Obladi, they immediately start singing the catchy tune. Going from Obladi to Obladoltzer almost ruins the song, and for that reason, it is a useful nickname.

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3. The Bulldoltzer

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Get it? Like bulldozer?

It’s a stretch, granted, but it may have some substance. The guy has been almost untouchable since becoming a starter. With a .98 WHIP and only seven walks in 41 innings, I’m sure several teams have felt Bulldoltzed after having to face the guy for six or more innings.

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2. Brett Yodaholtzer

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You get it, right? That tiny little green guy from Star Wars that speaks backwards was named Yoda, remember? Yeah, well, this one may be a stretch as well, but anything that references that this guy has otherworldly powers like the force can be useful, given the skill set he has shown as a starter. This name is only in second because a better Star Wars reference, No. 1 is.

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1. Ober-Wan Kenoltzer

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The obvious favorite. It's a play off of Obi-Wan Kenobi, if it needs to be pointed out. Another one with Jedi implications, it not only sounds great, but it reminds people of how good he is. Not to mention it starts with ‘Ober’ and ends in ‘holtzer, so it is, believe it or not, the most true to his actual name. I’m going to stay away from Jedi jokes, but it would just be irresponsible of me not to say that the force is strong in this one.