Successful Hail Mary in High School Football Game is Unbelievable

By Connor Muldowney
Utah High School Football
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Hail Marys are one of the most exciting plays in all of football — if they are successful. Doug Flutie knows that from his famous play that happened in 1984 against the Miami Hurricanes when he tossed up a final second prayer that landed in the hands of his wide out with the words of the announcer famously echoing, “He did it. He did it. Flutie did it.”

For those of us who weren’t alive at the time of that famous last-second score, there was the play two years ago where Kirk Cousins of Michigan State tossed a last-second bomb down the field that was just to see what could happen — the game was going into overtime at the very least. Cousins completed the pass that was tipped to his teammate as he barely reached the ball over the line to score the winning touchdown.

Well, for all of you football fans hungry for yet another miracle on turf, here’s a play from a high school game in Utah that will blow your mind:

As you can clearly see, the game was all but over and the defense just had to bat the ball down and they would have won, 12-7 in a snoozer. However, the quarterback of the winning team tossed it up to the endzone and saw his teammates miss it, the defense tip it and his wide out snatch it out of the air and run across the line into the endzone.

One important thing for the defenders to remember here: don’t jeopardize the final result and just knock that ball to the ground, don’t try to intercept it. They will now hang their heads in defeat because of the play that is being called, “The Plain City Prayer”.

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