Washington Redskins Should Never Have To Change Team Name

By Josh Sippie
Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

This world is way too sensitive and way too keen on being politically correct, that’s a given. After the Riley Cooper incident, it became even clearer that the sports world had not been spared this incredible oversensitivity. In the end, what became of the Cooper story?

Absolutely nothing. Everyone has forgotten, as it should have been in the first place. He made a slip up and all of a sudden people thought he should be banned from the NFL?

It’s pathetic.

Is it really people’s beliefs that every time the Washington Redskins don their uniforms, they are insulting Native Americans? Is it really believable that the owner of the Redskins means to insult them every Sunday? It is not meant derogatorily and that should be enough, but it never will be.

Now sports anchors everywhere are timid about saying the word “Redskins.”

It’s been their team name since 1933. Prior to that, they had been the “Braves.” Braves is a Native American reference too, it’s just a more positive one.

“Redskin” was never meant in a derogatory fashion from its origin. It’s just how people referred to Native Americans during the early American frontier days. It’s only offensive now because talking heads won’t shut up about it. White people were referred to as ‘white skins’ and Native Americans were referred to as ‘red skins.’ Those were just the terms that were used.

Just like the Riley Cooper story, the only reason that this is so offensive is because people want something to talk about that will draw in viewers.

This world will never be 100% politically correct, so why is it the prerogative of media loons everywhere to make it so? There is far too much diversity in this nation alone, and as such, there will never be a time when everyone refers to every race and every sex by the proper and accepted terminology of the day.

It’s annoying, it’s overdone and it needs to stop.

I’ll end this with a quote by Morgan Freeman. When asked how to get rid of racism, the highly respected actor said,

“Stop talking about it.”

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