Key & Peele Come Out With Second Annual College Football Crazy Name Bowl

By Connor Muldowney
Key & Peele
via @JordanPeele

Key & Peele have developed somewhat of an annual tradition in their college senior bowl series. These two guys are some of the funniest guys on TV and with their show on Comedy Central, they are notorious for their funny sketches and if you haven’t seen one yet, I think I have the one to spark your interest.

Have you even wondered how some players’ parents come up with some of the names out there? Or just names of people in general that are just flat-out ridiculous and basically made up out of nowhere? Key & Peele take this phenomenon to the airwaves and show everyone their mockery of the ridiculous names that plague the world — especially college football.

Check out the awesomeness here:

As you can see, the two keep a straight face the entire time they recite the names of dozens of players. The announcers also do a great job of holding strong and not bursting out in laughter especially after the last name of the East squad was “Fudge” with no last name or school.

Last year’s episode was funny, but this one definitely takes the cake. Sometimes I look at the names of players, such as Alabama Crimson Tide safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. What kind of parent names their kid Ha Ha? Even if it has some type of hidden meaning, it sounds like they didn’t take the birth of their son seriously.

This video should be one of the best mockeries of crazy names for a long time. If you can’t stop watching it over and over, you aren’t alone.

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