Tim Tebow Travels to USC to Work on Mechanics, Should Stop Wasting His Time

Tim Tebow

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The NFL has not been too kind to ‘quarterback’ Tim Tebow. He loves the game of football — like a lot — but the game of football does not love him back. Although he has built a pretty large fan base with his good-guy attitude and hid underdog style of going about things, the NFL probably won’t come calling based on his large number of supporters. He is trying his hardest to get back into the league and throwing footballs with some sort of coach on the USC Trojans‘ campus is his start.

Yeah, that’s a great idea, learn from a passing coach at a school that can’t even figure out their own quarterback situation. The reason why he was on the USC campus is unknown and the reason why he’s on a USC baseball field practicing unknown, but we have a sneaky person to thank for these videos of Tebow perfecting his art — or lack thereof.

Check out the videos here:

As you can see, his mechanics are still awful and he’s been working on his throwing motion for years no to no avail. I’m not sure why he thinks that all of a sudden, working on a college campus will help him fulfill his dreams of being an NFL quarterback.

Tebow was picked up this offseason by the New England Patriots to be a possible third-string quarterback for the team, but he thought he deserved better — then he was cut from the team. Two years ago he backed up the lowly Mark Sanchez on the New York Jets and rarely played as the Jets were just awful — and they let him go. Three years ago, he led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs to everyone’s surprise and even won a playoff game over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Too bad he was just a star in college at Florida and never translated that talent into the NFL.

Sorry Tim, you love the NFL, but she does not love you back. You have to let her go.

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  • Steven

    Stop being such a prick, the guy is working hard. This is a stupid flame article which is routine from these kind of websites that get no hits.

    • Ryan Heckman

      Rant Sports is ranked as the 7th most visited sports website in the world. Check the facts, bro.

  • Jay

    How about you get off your fat ass and stop talking down a guy who is trying to improve himself. How do you think you’d fare throwing a football? Try getting a real job you P.O.S. “writer.”

  • Jesse Hinson

    hilarious.. You sound like a complete ASSS.. read your comments section.. I think its pretty safe to say that 95% of people like TT.. and yet the other 5% that doesnt like him is only because they are tired of always hearing about how great of a person he is (wow great reason to hate someone).. Get a life and find something positive in life to talk about,, or better yet bash some ACTUAL losers like sports writers like yourself..

    • Ryan Heckman

      95% of people like Tim Tebow? Where’s that stat from? I love Tebow as a person. Do I think he’s a good quarterback? Nope. Not at all. If he changed his position, he’d do himself a huge favor.

  • Maskedpainter

    Way to come off as a condescending prick there Connor. Reading that article was like listening to a whiny teenage girl complain about one of the popular kids in school.

    Seriously dude, you didn’t do yourself any favors writing this piece.

    • Ryan Heckman

      Can’t fault a writer for speaking the truth. Tebow will NEVER be an NFL quarterback. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. If he changed his position, he’d have a shot at playing significant time. But as a quarterback? Not a chance. This is 100% truth.