Adam Wainwright Goes From Frozen to Dancing Fool in Cardinals' Dugout

By Connor Muldowney
Adam Wainwright
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Wainwright is one of the best pitchers in baseball. With close to 20 wins this season and less than 20 losses, the 32-year-old pitcher is playing like he’s in his 20s still. Okay, so he’s not really too far out of his 20s, but he is the ace of this pretty successful St. Louis Cardinals staff.

Wainwright apparently is having a great time with his teammates in the dugout lately as he was recently involved in one of the coolest, old man-ish dances you will ever see.

David Freese walked up to Wainwright and hugged the starting pitcher — which apparently froze him. I mean I get it, his name is Freese, which could be mistaken for freeze, which it probably why Wainwright froze. Check out the video as teammates try to unfreeze him with a fake ice pick.

As you can see, it has been known as the ‘chilly dance’ and it is awesome. Wainwright started the next day and got the win. Maybe this dance was good luck for the ace as he extended his record to 17-9 on the season after beating the Colorado Rockies, 4-3, on Wednesday night.

The best part of the whole video has to be the fact that Freese had no idea what was going on when he gave Wainwright a chilly hug. He started shivering and froze. Shane Robinson apparently knew exactly how to diffuse the situation and chiseled the pitcher out of ice with his imaginary ice pick and Wainwright ended with the goofiest dance of the year.

This is what teams who are chasing a playoff spot do to get loose apparently.

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