Brian Wilson Perfectly Fires Back at John McCain's Dodgers Comments

By Connor Muldowney
Brian Wilson
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the NL West and stirred up a bit of controversy in the process. In case you missed it, the team jumped into the pool at Chase Field after defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks. Although the pool jump came after fans and TV cameras seemingly left the stadium, there was a video captured of the team diving into the pool behind the right-center field wall.

Experts and analysts debated whether this was a disrespectful move since the Diamondbacks did this two years earlier after they clinched the division — however, it is their own home field.

Many people, including a few Diamondbacks players, were very upset with the events that occurred following the division-clinching victory because they claimed that the Dodgers celebration lacked class — especially with so many veterans on the team. They should know better, right? Well, one fan, in particular, went as far as to call the Dodgers immature brats and idiots. Seems like a pretty mature thing to say, right? Well, that was Arizona Sen. John McCain for you.

He tweeted out an article written by an Arizona news website that called the Dodgers out on their ‘immature’ act and apparently McCain agreed. He went as far as to call the Dodgers “idiots”.

How did eccentric Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson respond to these comments? Hilariously.

Wilson Tweet

Any way you look at this, it’s a pretty funny response from a comical guy.

Brian Wilson has to be one of those guys in baseball that you want to hear everything he says. He rarely has a dull moment and this counts as one of those dull-free moments.

Put this one in the category of “owned by Wilson”.

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