Man Gets Odd Tattoo of Dodger Stadium On Side of His Bald Head

By Connor Muldowney
Dodger Stadium
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Are you a superfan of any team? Would you ever go as far as to get a tattoo on your body with the team’s logo or something else related? This Los Angeles Dodgers superfan had something put on his body that you would never even imagine. Trust me, you won’t believe what he got a tattoo of and where.

Check out the bald head of this Dodgers fan:


I’m not sure why he thought this was a great idea, but honoring a field like that has to be something that his wife or girlfriend told him, “please for the love of anything, don’t do it” — but, he did it anyway.

The Dodgers are a good team, so it’s not completely insane, even though he likely had it done far before this season. Yasiel Puig, in a way, saved the 2013 season for Los Angeles. He came up to the majors when the Dodgers were reeling, sitting 10-plus games under .500 and Don Mattingly about to lose his job as the team’s manager.

They turned up their play and were the first team to clinch a division this season and make the playoffs. Puig has since cooled off after his red-hot start to the 2013 season, but that doesn’t mean the Dodgers have cooled off at all.

Back to the real point here. Head tattoos are never a solid idea any way you look at it. That is going to be on the side of his skull for the rest of his life — can you imagine what a grandpa with a head tattoo of Dodger Stadium would look like?

Pretty intimidating stuff.

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