Check Out Clay Matthews as a Handyman With a Mustache in This Hilarious Infomercial For Fathead

By Dan Parzych
Clay Matthews
(Andrew Weber/USA Today Sports)

Over the last couple of years, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made a name for himself by showing off his comedic side in numerous hilarious commercials. Now, it Rodgers’ teammate Clay Matthews is taking a similar approach and as painful as it his to admit–the linebacker’s newest infomercial is quite hilarious.

Everybody knows what Matthews is capable of doing on the football field as he’s proven to be one of the most difficult defenders to contain throughout his career, but not many people knew the Packers star was capable of pulling off some hilarious acting skills as well. Not only does Matthews rock a sick mustache while playing a handyman in this commercial, but you can’t help but laugh over his solution to fixing common household problems can be resolved with a classic Clay Matthews fathead.

From a hole in the wall to a leaky faucet to even protecting your house from burglars (or even cat burglars apparently), Matthews claims his fathead will solve just about any problem in the household. As Matthews claims in the infomercial:

“Locks are for common people who don’t have a custom fathead handy.”

After watching this commercial three or four times, we can all hope for the same thing in the future–which is Matthews continues to make these hilarious Fathead commercials. Look out Rodgers–Matthews is coming after you just like he does for other quarterbacks and trying to prove he can be just as funny in commercials.

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