Top-5 Activities Green Bay Packers Players Can Do During Bye Week

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Packers Week 4 Bye

Bye Week
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The NFL season is a grueling 17 weeks and takes a toll on players. Every year when the schedule is released, teams look for that beloved “bye.” This year, the Green Bay Packers got one of the worst byes on the schedule. This bye week is Week 4. It is also the first week that byes begin in the league.

Ideally, teams would like to have their byes between Weeks 8 and 11. These are ideal bye weeks because it is a halfway point of the season and teams can rest up and get ready for the second half.

The Week 4 bye for the Packers means that they will have to play in thirteen-consecutive weeks, including short weeks as they prepare for a Thursday game against the Detroit Lions on Nov. 28 (aka Thanksgiving). It is very difficult and will test the Packers both mentally and physically.

The one bright side about this bye week coming early is that the Packers have been banged up a lot already this season. With injuries to key players such as Jermichael Finley, Eddie Lacy, James Starks, Morgan Burnett and Casey Hayward, the team will get to rest and prepare for the rest of the season.

In the meantime, the players can schedule some away time from the team. They will get away, regroup, refocus, get healthy and just relax. Here are five things that Packers players can do during this bye week to recharge those batteries!

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#5-Rehab Those Nagging Injuries

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The bye week is meant to get away from all football activities. However, when it comes to injuries and health, the Packers players must start to rehab and get their bodies ready.

There are plenty of injuries to key players to go around and the best way for them to get back to 100 percent is to rehab.

The players will go through routines like strengthening muscles and getting back to football form.

Many of the key players must go through this process and even though it may be a grueling thing to do during a time you should be relaxing, it is a must if this team wants to get back to their winning ways.

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#4-Visit The Alma Mater

Alma Mater
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A very common thing for NFL players to do during their bye week is visit their former college or what is known as their “alma mater.”

Many college coaches will like former players to come in and talk to the team to try and boost their confidence. Some players may even be honorary captains for a game.

Players do this to give back to their former school and help out in any way they can. It allows them to go back to where they started and not have to worry about putting on the pads or watching film. Instead, they are figures that the college teams look to for motivation and it helps both the player and team.

I’d expect a rookie like Eddie Lacy to return to his old stomping grounds in Alabama this week as the Crimson Tide take on the Ole Miss Rebels. Lacy would be welcomed back in Alabama and I’m sure he could be a confidence boost for the No. 1 team in the country.

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#3-Get Away

Get Away
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The Packers players have been around football for a couple months now dating back to training camp and preseason. They will be around the game for at least another three months, so during this bye week, they can get away.

Green Bay is a city that is known for it’s cold weather. So, instead of staying in the great state of Wisconsin, many players should get away.

Personally, I would recommend the players go to places like Hawaii. This way, they can get to a warm climate with plenty of relaxation to go around. This kind of environment will allow the players to just kick it back and not have anything to worry about.

The players can clear their minds and it will go a long way in helping them get to a calm, mental state so that once they return, they are ready to rock and roll for the remainder of the season.

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#2-Play Some Golf

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Having to deal with the physicality of football can wear down anyone. No matter if you’ve been in the league for one year or 10 years, it is a demanding sport that tries to get a lot out of players.

So, if the Packers players get bored just sitting around, they should get out and play some golf while the weather in Wisconsin still allows you to do so.

There are several great courses in Wisconsin and the players should take advantage of the opportunity to play a sport where you can get away and just have a good time with friends.

Throughout Wisconsin, there are many courses, but players should get onto the top ones including Whistling Straits, Blackwolf Run, Erin Hills or Rolling Meadows to name a few.

I’d expect guys such as Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby to be out on the course considering they are both very good at the game. Other players should join along and enjoy the weather while it still is sunny in Wisconsin!

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#1-Spend Time With Family

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The most important thing any Packers player could do during the bye week is spend time with their families.

The season is long and there are so many road trips that many players don’t get to spend quality time with their families for months.

This bye week is the time to finally get into the comfort of your home and sit down with your family. Players can relax, eat a good homemade meal and completely clear their minds.

There is nothing in life that is more important than family. Any sport team will tell you that family comes first and this is the time that Packers players should take advantage of the opportunity, because once they get back to work, there may not be many chances to see their loved ones for several weeks.