Brian Wilson Goes Off On San Francisco Giants' CEO

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Wilson
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We all know that Brian Wilson isn’t your average MLB player. Just take one look at him and it’s pretty clear that he marches to the beat of a different drummer. But that’s a good thing in my book. We need more athletes that push the envelope and who try to be different. But it’s one thing to talk the talk, you have to also be able to walk the walk. From 2008 to 2011, that was the case. But Tommy John surgery changed the path of Wilson’s career and now he’s playing for his one time rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It’s no secret that the Dodgers and San Francisco Giants hate each other, and that’s likely the reason Wilson decided to play in Los Angeles. What better way to stick to the team that let you go, than to sign with their arch rival?

After starting his 2013 comeback campaign in the minors, Wilson is now back in the big leagues. So far, he’s appeared in 16 games for the Dodgers with great success. The Beard is currently sporting a 2-1 record with a very impressive 0.73 ERA.

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But with his return to baseball, you knew it was only a matter of time before things got ugly with his former team. Wilson was in San Francisco recently, when this exchange with Giants CEO Larry Baer happened:

As you can see, the Beard is extremely upset over something. The speculation is that he’s upset over still not receiving his 2012 World Series ring yet. Whatever the case, Wilson most certainly got a few things off his chest. The Giants claimed they’ve attempted to reach out to him to give him the ring, but that Wilson hasn’t been cooperative.


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