Michael Jordan vs. O.J. Mayo Basketball Camp Video Emerges

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Jordan
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The greatest player in the history of basketball has been all the buzz this week. During an interview for NBA 2k14, Michael Jordan dropped several quotes and stories that have basketball fans across the country talking. He accused Kobe Bryant of stealing his moves and said that he could beat Lebron James in a game of one-on-one. But he also told a hilarious story about his basketball camp from a few years back.

O.J. Mayo, the top-rated high school prospect at the time, was in attendance at Jordan’s camp and thought he could take the greatest in a game of one-on-one. MJ did not like what he was hearing from Mayo’s mouth and decided to clear the gym to give the young star a chance to prove it. Cameras were of course not available to film the now famous game, where Jordan apparently took Mayo to task. But, video has emerged from the five-on-five game that took place earlier in the day. In the video, Mayo guards Jordan and you get a taste of what their one-on-one matchup was probably like:

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Mayo has since done an interview where he asked about his battle with Jordan:

“We continued playing pickup and, you know, Mike was Mike. You know, he was jawing a little bit, and he was really getting into me defensively. He was backing me down and saying, ‘You better scream for Mama. Ma-ma. Ma-ma.’ Hit the famous fadeaway on me, and then I said, Okay, okay, you got it going. He said, ‘Hey, young fella, let me tell you something.’ He said, ‘You may be the best high school player in the world, but I’m the greatest ever. Don’t you ever disrespect the great like that.'”


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