15 Craziest Moments of Dennis Rodman’s Life and Career

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The Worm's Craziest Moments


Dennis Rodman is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of American athletics. His antics on and off the court have made people react for decades now. Some people love him, some people hate him. Others just respect the fact that he's the best pound for pound rebounder in NBA history.

During his playing days, Rodman was always the proverbial 'bad boy.' That term was somewhat coined to describe the Detroit Pistons teams of the late 1980's and early 1990's and Rodman was no doubt a huge part of those squads. He brought a distinct attitude and toughness to the court every night and earned a reputation as one of the NBA's dirtiest players.

The Worm's career continued in San Antonio with David Robinson and company, but the Spurs never reached the mountain top in the mid 1990's. Then in 1996 Rodman joined forces with some former enemies in Chicago. At one time everyone in the Windy City hated The Worm, but that changed after the Bulls set an NBA record by going 72-10 in Rodman's first year in Chicago.

Eventually Rodman's NBA career fizzled out after two more stops in L.A. and Dallas and then he wound up playing in China and in the independents leagues.

His life after basketball has been just as controversial, with several stints in rehab and meetings with odd ball foreign leaders. With all that in mind, here are 15 craziest moments in Dennis Rodman's career and life:

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Shaq Gets Into It With Rodman, But Jordan and Pippen Intervene


The only reason Rodman in Chicago worked was because Jordan, Pippen and Phil Jackson kept him on a short leash. Anytime he acted out, one of the Bulls' leaders would step in.

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The Worm Gets in a Young Allen Iverson's Head


This is just classic Rodman. Iverson was a young player here and The Worm got the best of him on this night.

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Rodman Goes On Judge Pirro


The Worm has had some financial hardships in his post playing days. So much so, that he sued his former friend/assistant for $4,000.

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Rodman Joins the NWO and Wrestles Karl Malone


The Worm did it all back in the day. He was so popular in 1998 that even WCW wanted to put him on camera. He teamed with Hollywood Hogan to wrestle DDP and Malone at Bash at the Beach 98.

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Rodman Dresses Up As a Bride

At a media outing to promote his book 'Bad As I Wanna Be' Rodman dressed up like a bride. People already knew he was weird at this point, but this stunt put him into bizzaro land.

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Mind Games On Frank Brickowski


Rodman might be the greatest in NBA history at playing mind games with other players. He could get in anyone's head and throw them off their game. This is a classic example.

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Rodman Tackles Alonzo Mourning


The Bulls ended up beating the Heat 4-1 in the 1997 Eastern Conference Finals. Along the way, Rodman angered and wrestled with Zo a ton.

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Celebrity Rehab/Apprentice


Rodman has battled alcoholism and did a stint on Celebrity Rehab. He also joined Donald Trump for a run on Celebrity Apprentice. Ya Fired.

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MJ Gets Fouled Hard by Rodman


This is a fairly 'rare' clip of Rodman taking out Jordan back in the day when Detroit and Chicago hated each others' guts.

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Flagrant Foul on Pippen


It's a wonder these two were ever able to get along in Chicago after this incident in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

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Hall of Fame


You can say what you want about Rodman, but there's no doubt he belongs in the hall of fame. Here's his emotional induction speech:

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Headbutting an Official and Losing His Mind


This clip is more of the ugly side of Rodman's career. While he may not have made solid contact, he headbutted that official.

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Rodman Kicks a Camera Man In the Family Jewels


Even The Worm himself isn't sure why he kicked this innocent camera man in the groin. This is without question one of his most bizarre moments.

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Buddies With North Korea?


Only Dennis Rodman would buddy up to North Korea. Who knows where his head is at on this one. Here's his explanation:

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All On the Line - Career Montage


There's no denying that anytime Rodman stepped on the court that he gave it his all. From jumping into the crowd for loose balls or putting his body on the line to draw a charge, The Worm would do it all on the hardwood to give him team an advantage. This video sums up his entire career: