John Daly Tweets Miley Cyrus In Creepy Fashion

By Andrew Fisher
John Daly
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

John Daly, just like life, is a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. Daly has been the ‘bad boy’ of golf for years and has made a name for himself with his antics, clothing and mullets. He’s also known for smoking like a chimney and tipping a few back on occasion. Despite not having won a major since the 1995 Open Championship, Daly remains one of the most popular players on the PGA tour. Some might use the term ‘attraction’ to describe him at this point in his career.

But regardless of your feelings on Daly the golfer or person, you have to admit he’s good for some entertainment from time to time. On Monday, he caught the internet’s attention by tweeting one of the most popular figures in America right now (for reasons I cannot understand). That’s right, John Daly tweeted to Miley Cyrus and worlds preceded to collide. In true Daly fashion, he creeped out a bit on ol’ Miley:

Classic, classic, Daly.

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I didn’t see Miley on the Today show as I choose to avoid seeing or listening to her, but this tweet was just too classic to not mention. I doubt the pop ‘star’ even knew who Daly was, but after his tweet went viral, I’m sure she’s well aware. Maybe they’ll do a meet and greet some day…


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