Michael Jordan-Lebron James Debate Leads To Stabbing

By Andrew Fisher
Lebron James-Michael Jordan

Even though it’s premature to start the debate, many sports fans have already engaged in a Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James conversation. There’s no denying that James is supremely talented and that he has a chance of becoming the greatest to ever live. But with only two championships under his belt, he has a ways to go before he can truly enter the conversation with Jordan. However, that didn’t stop of couple of ‘gentlemen’ in Pittsburgh from taking the argument to the extreme.

Michael Landeros and his nephew, Armando Encinas, were recently tipping a few back at a local Pittsburgh watering hole when they decided to engage in some sports debate – level 9000. The topic of James vs. Jordan came up and the two patrons weren’t happy with just talking things out. One thing led to another and three people opposing the two family members ended up getting stabbed. That’s right, people have been stabbed because of a basketball debate.

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Luckily, none of the victims’ injuries are serious and the two jackwagons were hauled off to jail.

To call this incident sad, would be a huge understatement. What sports fan doesn’t love a little back-and-forth on a topic? But the fact that multiple people were stabbed over their opinions is disheartening to say the least. Unfortunately, I’m sure things like this happen more often than we’ll ever know.

Here’s the story from the local news, which paints the picture of this sad scene.


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