Nike Unveils Sharp New NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms, Fans Still Don't Care

By Andrew Fisher
Pro Bowl uniforms
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You have to give the NFL credit. The league is trying its best to increase fan interest in the Pro Bowl. Earlier this year it was announced that the two teams would be drafted by two captains, instead of just pitting the AFC versus the NFC like it’s always been. Now, Nike has unveiled new uniforms for the game to help signify the change:

Pro Bowl uniforms

There’s no denying the old uniforms were outdated. The blue and red color schemes didn’t really pop off the screen and I don’t think the NFL had really altered the uniforms significantly in years. These new uniforms are sharp and very modern looking. They decided to go the opposite of traditional and stick some bright HD colors on the screen.

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But no matter what the NFL does to spice up the Pro Bowl, fans still aren’t going to care. Yes, the game still gets pretty decent ratings, but it’s not an entertaining contest. Exhibition football is just not good football. Without players going all out, the game loses its luster. I’m still in the camp of people that are saying the NFL needs to add skills competitions to Pro Bowl weekend. I wouldn’t even mind if they scrapped the game all together and just had a night of skills competitions featuring some of the game’s top players.

The league should keep the Pro Bowl as a concept where it acts as a reward for deserving players. There’s no doubt it’s a good way to recognize a successful season, but the game itself, sucks. New uniforms won’t change that.


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