Houston Texans' Fans Cross the Line, Show Up at Matt Schaub's House

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Schaub
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all been upset with our favorite teams and players at some point in our lives. It usually happens after a loss or a bad string of plays. Most of us just curse at the TV or vent to our friends, but that’s usually where it ends. Well, that’s not where it ended for a group of angry Houston Texans‘ fans. Unfortunate reports are coming out of Houston that fans actually went to Matt Schaub‘s house on Tuesday and ‘berated’ him for his poor play.

Schaub has clearly had a terrible run as of late. He’s thrown a pick-six in four straight games (a league record) and his late-game interception in week four almost certainly cost the Texans the game. He tossed three more picks in week five and now Houston is sitting with a losing record at 2-3.

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As bad as that is on the football field, there’s no reason at all to angrily march to the guy’s house. That’s over the line, unacceptable and borderline mental. Football means a lot to people, but we’re talking about a game. Furthermore, what did these fans think they were going to accomplish? Did they think they were going to scare Schaub into playing better?

When it comes to Schaub’s job status, there’s no question it’s hanging in the balance. I believe he’s down to his last start this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. If he can’t get on track against an inferior team, Gary Kubiak will have no choice but to turn things over to T.J. Yates.


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