Baseball Umpire's Strike-Three Call Will Make Your Day

By Connor Muldowney
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Umpires are known for the way they call a baseball game. Some are good, some are bad. Some have their own way of calling a strikeout while others have such a small strike zone that they never have a chance to ring anyone up. I’m sure you have seen an umpire ring a guy up with an over-the-top “out!” call or maybe ever another phrase that signals the batter being out. However, I can almost guarantee you have never seen an out call like this umpire used in a recent high school game.

Bobby Crosby, a former Oakland Athletics player, sent the video to former MLB pitcher, Mark Mulder. Crosby’s brother is a scout in California and it was obvious he was more into the umpire’s strike-three call than the actual players on the field — or at least it seemed like it.

Check out this strike-three call that is one of a kind:

Mulder posted this video on Instagram and it has to be the best strike-three call of all time. Have you ever seen or heard an umpire use a “whoomp there it is!” strikeout call? Now you have.

If an umpire was using this in a major league game, I think that player’s would be far too distracted to take the game seriously. In fact, if that’s the call he uses every time, pitchers have a bit of an extra incentive to get a strikeout. How about that for a strike-three call?

Well done, California high school umpire.

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