Grocery Store Features Matt Schaub Tombstone, Apologizes Soon After

By Connor Muldowney
Matt Schaub
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The Houston Texans are having one of the worst stretches of football of the 2013 season. People are starting to feel bad for this team while Texans fans are more frustrated now than they have ever been before. This team was a playoff team to begin the season and now they’re just 2-4. Having won the first two games of the season by a combined nine points, this team could easily be 0-6 right now. A big reason for that lack of success? Quarterback Matt Schaub‘s poor play.

In a recent Halloween display, a Houston area Kroger grocery story set up what some people complained about. The grocery store put up a Halloween display by bottles of water that looked to be priced at $5.99. I’m not sure if that’s the reason the tombstones were placed near the water, but those prices are pretty scary. However, one tombstone read “R.I.P Matt Schaub’s Arm” and it ruffled the feathers of some customers:

The jab at Schaub was apparently too much for some customers to handle as it was taken down days later after multiple complaints about the poor taste in the joke.

Okay, I get it fans, you are all upset that Schaub is struggling, but this is just a joke and don’t get me wrong but you were the ones who threatened him at his house, cheered when he got injured and burned his jersey after a tough loss. The blame is on Texans fans for this one.

However, not all Texans fans participated in these disgusting acts, but the ones who did led to this tombstone display happening.

Kroger was forced to issue an apology to the upset fans:

“Kroger would like to express tremendous regret over the derogatory Matt Schaub sign that was displayed at one of our store locations. It was created without the direction and approval from our marketing department. The sign has been removed. Kroger has been a proud sponsor of the Houston Texans for several years—in fact, this past weekend, we supported the Texans’ Pink Ribbon Day game, which promotes breast cancer awareness, a cause which Kroger is deeply committed to, and we’re excited to root on the team for the remainder of the season.”

Come on, people — it’s a joke.

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