Boston Red Sox and the 10 Sports Teams You Love to Hate

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Top 10 Most Hated Teams in Sports

Top 10 Most Hated Teams in Sports
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Some sports teams have garnered a ton of hatred in recent years. Everyone hates the favorite and the underdog reigns supreme nowadays. Underdogs have been beloved throughout time, whether it was the 1980 United States Olympic hockey team who defied all odds to win gold or the 1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack men's basketball team who won the national title when no one gave them a chance.

If you have no affiliation with a team in a certain game or matchup, more often than not, you are apt to cheer for the underdog. If the New York Yankees and Houston Astros were playing, 90 percent of people would be rooting for the Yankees to lose. Usually that's the case when the Bronx Bombers play anyone.

Sure, everyone has their least favorite team -- most of the time it's a hatred because of a rivalry while no one outside of the two teams care about the hatred for each other. The Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes are hated by many in the college football world, but no one hates those teams more than the two involved in the rivalry. Many people would argue that the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is the best in sports at any level.

The Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels have one of the fiercest rivalries in college basketball and the two teams would say that the other is the most hated team in sports, but that's not the case for those outside of both programs.

The point I'm trying to make is: everyone has their least favorite team who is a rival, but there are certain teams that are universally hated just because of the reputation garnered.

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10. Manchester United

manchester united
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Usually the most successful teams out there are extremely hated and that's the case with Manchester United. Too many people outside of their own fans hate them -- the most hated soccer team in the world.

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9. Oakland Raiders

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The Raiders are known as one of the dirtiest, grimiest organizations in professional sports. People hate traveling to play the Raiders and they've been known as a dirty team for years. If you aren't from Oakland, chances are you hate this team. Their fans are known to be confrontational and I think they get that from their players.

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8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

notre dame
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How much do you hate a school that thinks it is a national title contender every year no matter how bad they are? Well, that's Notre Dame for you. Overrated since 1988.

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7. New England Patriots

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It's becoming increasingly more difficult to bear hearing about the Patriots on Sportscenter every day, but Tom Brady seems to love the attention. Can't like a guy who wears Cashmere sweaters and UGGs. Don't forget Bill Belichick's "Spygate" cheating scandal in which he had someone tape opponents play-calls from an unspecified location during games.

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6. Los Angeles Lakers

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If you're hating teams based on pure success, the Los Angeles Lakers are your team. Sometimes dirty and all the time they are unliked. Can't think of a better villain in the NBA, besides LeBron James, than Kobe Bryant. When you're one of the greatest of all time, you will have the tendency of being hated. Oh yeah, and no one likes a team who has won 16 world championships.

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5. Dallas Cowboys

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Everyone who is anyone is sick and tired of hearing about Jerry Jones and "America's team". The only way they would actually be "America's team" is if fans outside of Dallas actually liked them.

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4. Detroit Red Wings

red wings
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One of the most storied franchises in the history of professional sports has to also be one of the most hated -- it's just the way sports go these days. The Red Wings are the epitome of a solid hockey franchise and were once so gritty and hard-nosed with Darren McCarty fighting everyone in his path that the league absolutely hated them. I can't see that hatred weakening any time soon.

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3. Boston Red Sox

red sox
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Yeah, we get it, ESPN loves the Red Sox. Whether it's playing David Ortiz's grand slam in Game 2 of the 2013 ALCS on repeat for days or the fact that they have a certain vibe about them that screams unfriendliness. Maybe it's the beards, but most definitely the way they like to start fights.

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2. Miami Heat

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No one likes a team that's been put together based on cash alone. Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James have becoming the most hated trio of players in sports and the Heat are the one NBA team you love to hate. Not many people can stand anyone on the team. Oh, and the amount of flopping the Heat players do is unbearable.

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1. New York Yankees

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The Yankees were an easy choice at No. 1. Never has one team garnered so much hatred. Have you ever met someone who genuinely likes a team who rarely builds talent through the minor league and consistently buys the biggest superstars in baseball? When you think of teams that are hard to like, the Yankees have to be the one team you could never see yourself rooting for. Everyone in the sporting world knows this.