Michael Jordan's Chicago Mansion is Set To Be Auctioned Off

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Jordan
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Normally when a house goes up for auction, it’s not a great sign. Perhaps the house was seized by the bank or maybe someone passed away. But in the case of Michael Jordan‘s Chicago mansion, he apparently just doesn’t need it anymore.

You might remember that Jordan listed the home for sale back in 2012 for the bargain price of $29 million. He’s since lowered the asking price to $21 million, but still no one has stepped up to the plate. So to finally rid himself of his pesky fourth home, MJ has opted for an auction.

Here’s a look at the property:

In an email explaining the decision to sell the house, Jordan wrote that “my kids are grown now and I don’t need a large house in Chicago.” First world problems.

As for Jordan’s main job these days, owning the Charlotte Bobcats, he has his work cut out for him. The Bobcats have been terrible for years and have only made the playoffs one time since MJ bought the club. The team is expected to improve this season, however, they’re still nowhere near contending for anything worth mentioning.

The best news for the Charlotte franchise is that this will be the last year they’ll be known as the Bobcats. Next season will bring about the much anticipated return of the Charlotte Hornets. So if nothing else, even if the product on the floor remains terrible, MJ will at least rake in lots of cash from the tons of Hornets’ merchandise he figures to sell.


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