Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Has Most Ridiculous Beard You Will Ever See

By Connor Muldowney
Bearded Fan
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been watching the World Series or even any Boston Red Sox game this season, you know what a good beard looks like. All of the Boston players have grown beards of epic proportions and it looks like fans are starting to emulate the ridiculous facial hair with fake beards of their own. It seems as if one Cleveland Cavaliers fan just came from a game in Boston, growing one of the most impressive beards of all time. I mean it — all time.

Yes, you’re eyes are seeing this. It’s a basketball hoop-beard type thing — and it’s awesome. The guy has been known as the Cincinnati Bengals beard guy and he has been pictured with his beard doing a whole number of different things. Sometimes it is split in two, sometimes it’s painted like a bengal, sometimes it’s holding beer cans and sometimes it is doing what it’s doing here.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything as ridiculous as this when it comes to facial hair. This has to take the cake. Forget the Red Sox who have all grown beards or the fans who wear fake beards — nothing compares to this one.

It’s becoming known as the beardbasket and this guy has to be the most creative basketball fan out there and has put the most use to his beard than anyone in the history of beards.

Well done, beard man.

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