High School Football Player Writes a Mean Poem About Teammate, Gets Kicked Off Team

By Connor Muldowney
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it’s happened once again. First, a high school football team was accused of bullying an opponent when they won by a score of 91-0, and now this. At Rittman High School in Ohio, high school football player Nick Andre was suspended from class and kicked off the football team for writing a ‘mean’ poem. What? Yes, you read it correctly.

The player was assigned to write a poem for his English class about something that made him angry. Andre followed the guidelines of the assignment and wrote about the football season for his 1-7 high school team. In it, he included the coach’s son being portrayed as a favorite even though he isn’t that great — apparently.

Here’s the poem:

Losing season,
Non stop passes from best friend to best friend,
Continuously doing what doesn’t work,
The inability to separate being a father and a coach,
Dropped passes,
But yet still the “super star”,
Yeah right.
Where’s my scholarship?
I can drop passes,
Run backwards,
Miss tackles,
And be afraid to take a hit.
That’s top of the line Div. 1 material right there.
If that’s what they wanted,
They definitely got it.
This whole town will be glad when he’s gone.
For anyone who doesn’t understand what I’m saying,

For those of you who don’t understand poetry, this poem is basically stating how he could be the star player because all the team’s current ‘star’ player does is miss tackles, drop passes, run backwards and is afraid to take a hit. Sure he called out his teammate and coach, but this is freedom of speech. The assignment was to write about something that makes him angry and he did just that.

This is just ridiculous. For this football player to be suspended four days from class and kicked off the football team is a mockery of education and student-athletics.

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