Texans Cheerleaders Bring Back 'Too Legit To Quit' For Freestyle Friday

By Dan Parzych
(Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

There’s a reason why the Houston Texans cheerleaders were recently ranked No. 1 when it comes to social media and if you’re not convinced yet–be sure to check out the awesome video below.

The Texans cheerleaders have provided their fans with an awesome tradition this season with their Freestyle Friday videos and once again–they certainly didn’t disappoint as they took their talents to the workout room for this dance off. Even though Houston’s season hasn’t turned out the way they were hoping it would over the first seven weeks, the girls decided to dance to the classic MC Hammer song “Too Legit To Quit” to show they’re not giving up on the 2013 season just yet.

These videos have been a great start to the weekend all season and props to these lovely ladies once again for coming through with an awesome video as everybody knows “Too Legit To Quit” is one of the all time classics. From Vanilla Ice to Quad City DJ’s, the Texans cheerleaders have brought back all sorts of classic songs for Freestyle Friday and thank you ladies once again for reminding us how awesome this MC Hammer song really is.

And as always, be sure to check out the other awesome videos from HTC as Shannon (@HTC_Shannon) and Amelia (@HTC_Amelia) recently released their latest episode of HTC Social Club (be sure to see if you received a shout out!) and Cheer Chat! featuring Morgan (@HTC_Morgan) and GelesAnn (@HTC_GelesAnn) as they give you their perspective of last weekend’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

As always, thanks again to the lovely girls of the Texans cheerleaders for kicking off Fridays the right away and if you’re not following them on social media–you better start soon as you’ve been missing out.

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