Former NFL Player Hamza Abdullah Goes On Twitter Tirade, Makes Himself Look Foolish

By Andrew Fisher
Hamza Abdullah

Hamza Abdullah played in the NFL from 2005-2011. He was a defensive back for the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals. In total, he amassed 77 tackles (according to PFR) before calling it quits after the 2011 season. So what’s he doing these days? Well, on Thursday, the former DB decided to go off on Twitter. No, he’s not complaining about normal every day things, he’s ripping the NFL a new one.

Most of his tweets contain foul language, but this is the gist of most of them: F Roger Goodell, F the NFL, F this and F that. 

Here’s one that doesn’t contain swear words:

November 19th 2007 against the Titans, I knocked myself out of a game, and they said I lost my contact. WTF?!?

— Hamza Abdullah (@HamzaAbdullah21) October 31, 2013

Addullah goes on and on, but his point is that all NFL players knew the risk of playing football, they just thought they’d be taken care of after their playing days were over. He says that the NFL is forcing players to kill themselves and that they basically run a ‘slave’ organization.

So while I get where he’s going with all these tweets, there’s a point when they become counterproductive. There’s only so many times that you can say F you before people are going to stop taking you seriously.

But if his intent was just to draw attention to the issues that former players like himself deal with every day, then mission accomplished. Will Goodell and company take notice and do anything because of Mr. Abduallah’s Twitter tirade? Probably not.


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