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11 Tips to Help Get Your Girlfriend to Like Sports

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11 Tips to Help Get Your Girlfriend to Like Sports

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Please don’t get up in arms, female sports fans — I realize there are a ton of you out there and if your significant others are into sports, they should consider themselves lucky. Let’s be honest — there are a lot more male sports fans than female, and if those men have girlfriends who don’t like sports, they would probably like to change that.

And don’t think of this as manipulating or trying to change her. This is simply trying to introduce her to something you think she would enjoy if she fully understood it. Sports are a great way for people to bond and if she shares your love for them, it will be a way for you to spend hours upon hours together.

Think of all the time spent trying to find things to do or movies you’d both like, when sports can create multiple dates per week. I am a true believer that both relationships and friendships have a better chance to flourish if the two people involved support the same sports teams.

Sports are a time-tested way to bring people together. Is there anything else in life that will make you feel inclined to high-five a stranger? You don’t know where that person has been or the last time he or she washed his or her hands, but you do know you have a bond with them because they are in the stadium wearing the same colors as you.

If sports can make you like a stranger you know nothing about, it can definitely improve your relationship with somebody you already like. Here are 11 tips that can help bring sports into your relationship, and ultimately bring it to a new level.

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11. Before Trying Anything, Read Her Mood

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If she’s tired or in a bad mood, learning something new will just feel tedious for her.

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10. Don't Overwhelm Her With Information

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Too much information at once makes it seem like she back in school in a class she doesn’t care about. Start with the basics, then explain some of the more complicated parts as they come up during a game. Again, read her mood to see when she is done learning for the day.

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9. Have Something There That Can Give Her a Break From the Game

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A game someone doesn’t care about has no chance at holding their attention on its own. Make sure there’s a smart phone, iPad, or something like that around so she has something to play with to make watching games less of a chore. Little by little, she'll pick things up and get a better understanding, and in turn a stronger interest in the game.

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8. Cuddling and Foot Rubs

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Intimacy is another great way to make the process seem less like a chore. Very few people out there will complain about what’s on TV while they’re getting a foot rub.

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7. Make it a Party, Cook for Her

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Make some good food and invite some good friends to improve the experience. Again, sports can’t hold a non-fan’s attention on their own so until they are into it, you have to make the experience better.

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6. Explain How Sports Has Improved Other Relationships In Your Life

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Sports are a great common ground for family and friends to get together. It’s just a fact that people who support the same teams have more reasons to hang out, and more to talk about.

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5. Create Heroes and Villains

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When a player has an interesting background that would make someone want to root for or against them, share it with her. Half the stories that make the headlines these days are closer to gossip than actual sports news, and sharing those storylines is good for keeping interest and establishing the good guys and bad guys.

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4. Try to Get Her Involved in Fantasy Sports or a Football Pool

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Fantasy sports and football pools are ways to make what happens in the games affect her directly. It’s tough to make a game matter to someone new to sports, but the spirit of competition and sometimes money can be good motivators.

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3. Sports Movies

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Sports movies are a great way to get someone in the mood for sports. Who doesn’t feel like boxing after watching a Rocky movie? The important part is to pick movies she would like, not ones you would like. There are tons of sports movies that you don’t necessarily need to be a sports fan to enjoy.

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2. The Friends Argument

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If you’ve had arguments about being with your friends too much, this can partially help that issue. She can come with you when there’s a get-together for a game, or you might not go out as much if the game is on at home. Face it, if the relationship is going anywhere, hanging out with your friends will become an increasingly rare occasion as time goes by anyway. Nobody is still hanging out with their friends every week when they’re 40.

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1. Return the Favor

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If you want your girlfriend to put out an effort, you have to put out an effort as well. If she wants you to learn to dance, take cooking classes together or something like that, give it a shot.