15 Athlete Hobbies That Will Make You Laugh

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15 Athlete Hobbies That Will Make You Laugh

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Some people have normal hobbies that match their personality while others prefer something more out of the norm to consume their free time. It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if someone who is a sports fanatic participates in fantasy sports. However, it would be a little unusual if that same person took up ballet. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, as I’m sure there are people who do enjoy both activities. Nonetheless, it would still be somewhat unusual.

Athletes are known to be big, strong and athletic, which is why it’s hard to imagine them doing anything else besides playing sports. With that being said, numerous athletes simply participate in professional sports because it’s a job. Sure, they take pride in what they do and want to win a championship, but that doesn’t mean their entire life is consumed by sports.

Plenty of athletes take part in typical activities, such as spending as much time as possible with their family or hanging out with the friends. However, other pros have hobbies in which one cannot help but laugh. It’s not that the hobby itself is necessarily humorous, but rather, the fact that it’s hard to imagine a specific athlete would take part in a specific activity. For instance, pigeons are definitely not the first thing to come to mind when people think of boxer Mike Tyson, but that’s one of his big hobbies.

There are plenty of more examples within the list, which is why you should make sure to click through the slideshow to see 15 athlete hobbies that will make you laugh.

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15. Chris Kluwe: World of Warcraft, Fantasy Games

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NFL punter Chris Kluwe used to be a huge fan of World of Warcraft. He doesn’t play the game as much as he used to because he has decided to move on to other fantasy board and video games. Nonetheless, there have been stories, told by Kluwe himself, in which he would just sit at the computer and play World of Warcraft while his wife would have their family or friends over.

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14. Aaron Rodgers: Captain Photos

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has begun a couple of long traditions since he arrived in the NFL. One of them is photo bombing the Green Bay Packers’ captain photos prior to the start of every game. Rodgers makes funny faces and/or uses props in the background while the game captains take a serious photo. The photos are hilarious, and hopefully, it’s a hobby that won’t be going away anytime soon.

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13. Chris Bosh: Photo Bombing

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Along with Rodgers, Chris Bosh is an excellent photo bomber. In fact, he is probably better because he shows up when least expected. There have been numerous occasions over the years in which one of his teammates will be in an interview and Bosh will appear out of nowhere with a funny face. It’s a great hobby that doesn’t appear to be losing steam.

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12. Alex Ovechkin: Rapper

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It’s unknown exactly how much hockey star Alex Ovechkin has participated in a rap career. What is known is that watching him is quite hilarious. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below for yourself.

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11. Kelci Bryant and Abigail Johnston: Rubber Duckies

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Synchronized divers Kelci Bryant and Abigail Johnston took home the Silver Medal at the London Summer Olympics. When they aren’t dominating diving, they still like to be around water with their collection of rubber duckies. Apparently, some habits are just hard to break.

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10. Dwight Howard: Bad Impersonations

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I can’t imagine Dwight Howard would classify is impersonations the same way I did but the truth is they’re terrible. Howard’s hobby in general is being a prankster. However, his impersonations definitely take up a large amount of his time in that department. If only he were better at them.

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9. Cristiano Ronaldo: Bingo

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Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has the massive fan base, the beautiful women, the luxurious cars and all of the money an athlete could ever want. So, what does he decide to do with all of that power in his free time? Mostly play bingo. At least fans now know the best way to meet their idol.

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8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Oriental Rugs

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one cool guy, which is why it’s hard to believe that he would be interested in a collection of oriental rugs. However, I guess one of greatest players in basketball history can do whatever the heck he wants in his free time. Unfortunately, Abdul-Jabbar lost a valuable collection of the rugs in a house fire in 1983. I wonder if he has been stocking up all over again for the past three decades.

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7. Robert Griffin III: Socks

Griffin III
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III has an obsession with colorful and unique socks. During his Heisman campaign and road to the NFL Draft, Griffin would constantly be asked about the socks that he wore at that particular moment. Instead of a description of what they look like, he would simply take off his shoe and show whoever cared to see his funny hobby.

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6. Lance Briggs: Comic Books

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It’s hard to imagine linebacker Lance Briggs would have an interest in anything besides hitting running backs and quarterbacks as hard as possible. However, one of his biggest hobbies is comic books. In fact, he plans to open up a comic book store when his playing days are over.

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5. Rajon Rondo: Roller Skating

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One of Rajon Rondo’s more well-known hobbies is men’s fashion. What the average fan may not realize is that roller skating is a huge part of his life. In fact, he would do it every chance he got if he didn’t have to, you know, play professional basketball.

"I zone out when I'm skating and it's like I'm in my own world," Rondo told "I probably go every Friday and Sunday when I'm back home."

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4. Tim Duncan: Dungeons & Dragons

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It’s always shocking to find out one of the biggest professional athletes in the world is a huge nerd. Obviously, it’s never been a big secret that Tim Duncan is really into Dungeons & Dragons, as well as, collecting swords and knives. The man even has a tattoo of Merlin the Wizard on his arm. It’s certainly funny to think about someone with so much money and fame sitting at home on the weekend playing a fantasy board game.

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3. Herschel Walker: Ballet

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It’s not as if Herschel Walker participates in ballet every chance he gets, or at least it is assumed he doesn’t. However, there was a time where he used ballet to help improve his game on the gridiron. Ballet allowed him better balance and agility, which made him a better football player. Walker trained with the Ft. Worth ballet in 1988 and even took part in one of their performances.

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2. Mike Tyson: Pigeons

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Tyson is a very peculiar guy. As weird as he is, pigeons have to be the weirdest thing about him, and this is a man who bit off a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match. Tyson collects pigeons and he has taken care of them since he was a child. Apparently, it’s a way for him to stay calm and let his mind wonder.

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1. Calvin Murphy: Baton Twirling

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As funny as it is to imagine Tyson talking to pigeons, there is no question Calvin Murphy’s hobby as a baton twirler tops the countdown. It’s not so much a hobby as it is an obsession, one that he formed as he found his love for basketball. Baton twirling was much more than something Murphy did in his spare time. In fact, he won a national championship in baton twirling in 1963.