15 Athletes Who Would Be Great to Have on a Snowball Fight Team

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Forming A Snowball Fight Team With Professional Athletes

snowball fight
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As people all around the world know, one of the most enjoyable activities to participate in once there is snow on the ground is a snowball fight, whether it encompasses going up against a local neighborhood, school, family members or even a peer you really don't like. Something about wailing balls of snow at other people brings out a competitive joy that can rarely be matched by any other natural occurrence, and makes the miserable winds and cold weather just a bit more bearable.

But while participating in a snowball fight is always a great thing, there is no doubting that having your sporting idols right alongside you would only make thinks better. Or at least that is what I thought when composing a list of the 15 athletes who I'd want on a snowball fight team.

When composing this list I used a few criteria in attempting to choose which athletes would be the best to bring into a snowball fight. The overwhelming reasoning that constantly came up was to pick out those who would be some mixture of fun, talented and qualified to hail balls of snow with at other individuals. Of course, there is no professional snowball fight league in the world -- or at least one that I am aware of -- but if there was one, the athletes on the upcoming list could be of use to any team.

While in the course of creating this list, I made a concerted effort to choose those that I felt most qualified and enjoyable to participate in a snowball fight with, there is no doubt that some will end up disagreeing. With that in mind, I welcome any comments and a general discussion as to who the audience thinks would be the best athletes to have on a snowball team, and I will make sure to reply to any and all feedback.


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15. John Daly

John Daly
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John Daly has been the epitome of a loose cannon for his entire career on the PGA Tour, which has made him both entertaining and at times amusing to watch. The burly golfer has always been known to hit the golf ball with all his might, and there is no doubting he would make sure every snowball thrown was both huge and had great velocity. Whether it went in the right direction could be another question, but those few times it actually hit your opponent would be worth all of the misses. And even if things went downhill, there is no doubting that Daly would be a funny and entertaining teammate that would take the edge off of any loss.

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14. Mike Pouncey

Mike Pouncey
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Mike Pouncey has gained a reputation as one of the best centers in all of the NFL for his work with the Miami Dolphins, and I have no doubts he could take up a huge role with a snowball team. At 6-foot-5, 305 pounds, there would be few opposing snowballs that could take the center down, and he would serve as a great guard for my entire snowball team. Every man has their role on a team, and there is little doubting that Pouncey would be willing to do the dirty work that would make my team the snowball fight champions.

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13. Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane
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As a hockey player, it is clear that Patrick Kane spends plenty of time around cold whether, which is especially obvious considering he grew up in Buffalo and now plays for the Chicago Blackhawks, both cold weather cities. Undoubtedly, the American has participated in a snowball fight or two during his day, but I would be hoping to make snowballs he could shoot at opposition with a stick in hand. There are few in the world with better accuracy shooting a puck than Kane, and if my team could make snowballs that would not fall apart, then we would have an instant winner.

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12. Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh
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Ever since joining the Miami Heat, there have been few athletes more overshadowed than Chris Bosh, but he has taken a back seat role to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade with grace. Additionally, he has gained a reputation as a very funny individual, who has no problem providing a photo-bomb or making jokes at his own expense. Having fun will be one of the top goals for my snowball team, and in this regard, Bosh is a guarantee to come through. An added bonus will be that he played seven years for the Toronto Raptors and it is hard to believe he did not become a snowball fight veteran during this stint.

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11. Shaun White

Shaun White
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Shaun White is the best snowboarder ever, and seemingly spends his entire life around the snow. The so-called Flying Tomato has no problem trying ridiculous stunts on a half-pipe, and has surely came up with some ridiculous mechanism at creating and throwing snowballs in his downtime. While White will bring a fun loving atmosphere to the snowball fight, his most valuable asset will be being a creature of the snow, and by extension an undoubted All-Star in the snowball fighting world.

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10. Brian Wilson

snowball fight
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It would be impossible to pick out athletes who would be great on a snowball fight team without choosing guys who throw the heat on an MLB level, and few bring the heat harder than Brian Wilson. The veteran reliever has averaged between 93.2 and 96.6 on his fastball during each of the eight seasons he has appeared in MLB and makes a living off of throwing at specific targets. While a baseball is surely different than a snowball, I will take my chances with Wilson throwing heaters at others in a snowball fight.

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9. Derek Dorsett

Derek Dorsett
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Derek Dorsett plays hockey for the New York Rangers, although you are much more likely to see him dropping the gloves than scoring a goal. While the purpose of getting into a snowball fight is not to throw fists, having an intimidation factor over the opposition certainly helps. Dorsett would undoubtedly provide that, and after growing up in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, he surely became a bit of a snowball veteran growing up.

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8. Chris Paul

snowball fight
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Chris Paul has made a living off of helping out his teammates, and this would surely translate to my snowball team. The Los Angeles Clippers' PG would serve as a great asset at helping to form perfect snowballs and even hitting a couple opponents when it was called for. Although Paul may not be one of the most experienced at snowball fights on this list, he would surely do what it is necessary to help my team win.

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7. Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel
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Johnny Manziel is the classic gunslinger for Texas A&M, and he has never shown an ability to shy away from any contact. In terms of a snowball fight, this would be perfect for my team, as he would be able to both gun down opponents from any distance and would have no fear of being gunned down himself. Plus, even if my team did end up losing, Manziel would still be a fun guy to hang out with afterwards, as his exploits off the football field have been widely reported.

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6. Tim Howard

Tim Howard
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While most people know Everton and U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard for his ability to keep balls out of the net, he does happen to have a cannon of an arm. Howard has routinely shown the ability to throw a soccer ball over 40 yards with nearly perfect accuracy, and there is little doubting he could provide the perfect long distance threat for my snowball team. Having his presence would ensure that no opponent is ever too far away, and after growing up in New Jersey, it is clear the goalie has participated in a snowball fight or two back in the day.

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5. Yasiel Puig

snowball fight
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After growing up in Cuba and playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers last season, it is doubtful that Yasiel Puig ever found is way into a snowball fight. I think that this is worth ignoring, though, as the outfielder has an absolute cannon of an arm and will bring a fun-loving nature to my team. Plus, Puig has proven to be a quick learner for the Dodgers, and after a few minutes throwing snowballs, he could very well be an absolute stud.

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4. Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson
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Nate Robinson has had a long and successful NBA career, but really sticks out for being an all-around athlete. He played college football at the University of Washington, won three slam dunk competitions and truly seems like someone that could excel at any sport. I believe this even includes snow ball fights, and the minute point guard would also make everyone else smile with the playful antics he has been known to pull off.

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3. Justin Verlander

snowball fight
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Few in MLB can throw consistent heat like Justin Verlander, as his fastball has averaged no less than 93.3 miles per hour during nine seasons with the Detroit Tigers. This type of heat in a snowball could leave the opposing team with a broken jaw, and would make my team an instant winner.

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2. LeBron James

LeBron James
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There is absolutely nothing that LeBron James cannot do on a basketball court, and really I don't think anyone could bet against him in any sporting avenue. At 6-foot-8 and at least 250 pounds, he is a hulk of a human being, and has shown a strong enough arm to cannon basketballs from end to end on the basketball court like its nothing. Additionally, he grew up in Akron, which has never been known to be warm, and surely gained experience in the snow. For a guy as big as James and possessing the skill set that he has, it would be impossible to not envision great success in a snowball fight, and I would take him in a heartbeat on my team.

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1. Peyton Manning

snowball fight
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When it comes down to one thing, I want to win my snowball fight, and do it while having fun. Adding Peyton Manning to my team would practically ensure both, as the Denver Broncos' quarterback is arguably the most talented person in the world with a football in his hands, throwing the ball with an accuracy that is difficult to maintain in a video game. He also happens to be extremely funny and entertaining off the field, as was shown in classic fashion when he previously hosted Saturday Night Live. There is no doubting that if I had one athlete to pick for my snowball team, Manning would be at the top of the board, and for good reasons.