15 Athletes Who Embrace the Spirit of Christmas

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15 Athletes Who Embrace the Spirit of Christmas

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With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time for people to start getting in the mood of helping others, which is what the greatest holiday on earth is all about. Even though the Spirit of Christmas means something different to everyone, the general meaning is the emotional feeling one gets from benefiting others.

Whether it’s a professional or collegiate athlete, or a group of athletes coming together for the better good, it’s always nice to see people giving back to those who are less fortunate. Athletes are put in a great position to help others out because of their social status, and in the case of professional athletes, the large amount of money they make. Almost every team gives back to the community in some way during the holidays, but this slideshow focuses on specific athletes or groups of student athletes.

The Spirit of Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving to charity either. It can simply mean enjoying the holiday season. For that reason, some of the athletes on the countdown are taking part in Christmas carols and putting their own unique rendition on some classic songs.

Regardless of how athletes embrace the Christmas Spirit, the point is that they do. To bring joy to so many children and families in numerous different ways is the greatest gift of all.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 15 athletes who embraces the Spirit of Christmas. Also, make sure to comment below if you know of any athletes who embrace Christmas in a fun way.

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15. David Wright and the Mets

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David Wright and a few players on the New York Mets put together a ridiculous Christmas video of them singing “Sleigh Bells.” The worst part is most of them don’t even look like they want to be involved. At least a couple players are into the Christmas Spirit.

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14. Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals

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Hockey player Alex Ovechkin isn’t someone you would picture signing “Jingle Bells.” However, that’s exactly what he and his teammates did for a Washington Capitals Christmas video. Bad sweaters were most definitely included.

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13. Dwight Howard


From his playing days with the Orland Magic and Los Angeles Lakers, center Dwight Howard would always give back during Christmas time. Last year, he lead the kids in a Christmas carol and took part in various activities with the team.

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12. Phoenix Coyotes

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Players on the Phoenix Coyotes embraced the Spirit of Christmas in a unique way when they made a video of them playing “Jingle Bells.” What was so unique about it was the players had bells hanging in one of the nets and then kept firing pucks at different bells to play the song. It’s certainly a take on the Christmas classic that I’ve never seen.

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11. NBA Stars

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Similar to what the Coyotes did, several NBA stars got together for a promo of all of the games that will be played on Christmas Day. When Kevin Durant, Steven Nash and others would shoot a basket, it would ring a bell, which together made the song “Jingle Bells.”

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10. Hines Ward

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Hines Ward has always done his fair share to give back to the community. Apparently, it continues even after he retired from football. Ward recently purchased presents and handed them out to families at a homeless shelter.

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9. Antonio Gates

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San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates gets into the Christmas Spirit by giving back to the community. He participated in “Shop with a Charger” in which he gave 50 neglected children $100 to go on a shopping spree. What’s even better is Gates got help from his teammates, who helped the kids pick out the right toys.

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8. Desmond Scott

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Duke football player Desmond Scott used money that he received for gifts on other people instead of himself.

“I know a couple people who are working hard in life and deserve to have and give other people a little Christmas. That’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t need anything. My family doesn’t need anything. I’m just going to give back to those who deserve it and need it much more than I do,” Scott said, according Star News Online.

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7. Ryan Pickett

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Like Gates, Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Ryan Pickett participates in the “Shop with a Jock” holiday event. He took 50 kids in Green Bay on a shopping spree in Green Bay and let them pick out whatever they wanted.

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6. University of Louisiana-Lafayette Athletes


Some student athletes at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette gathered together $2,500 of their own money and bought presents to provide a Christmas miracle for one family they adopted this season.

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5. Antone Exum

Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech cornerback Antone Exum took his rewards for the team’s bowl game and decided to use it to take three kids on a shopping spree for Christmas. He used his $470 gift card to Best Buy to purchase a Playstation 3, video games and a blackberry phone for the children.

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4. Rivier University Athletes


The athletes at Rivier University decided to go Christmas shopping for local children in their spare time.

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3. East Stroudsburg University Athletes

East Stroudsburg

Student athletes at East Stroudsburg University became Santa’s helpers for the day as they worked with children to make ornaments and picture frames. The kids also got to paint their faces and received a visit from Santa Claus.

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2. Norte Dame Athletes

Norte Dame

Several athletes from Notre Dame held an annual Christmas party for children at Memorial Hospital and Joseph Regional Medical Center. They helped with face painting as well as arts and crafts. More importantly, the Fighting Irish athletes brought plenty of joy to children who could definitely use it his time of year.

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1. Andre Johnson


Wide receiver Andre Johnson makes it his mission every year to give back to needy children during Christmas time. What he does is give the kids 80 seconds to run around a toy store and grab as many gifts as they can. He then whips out his checkbook and pays for everything. This year, he racked up an astonishing $17,352 bill.