Top 20 Worst Types of Sports Fans Who Are Hard to Deal With

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20 Worst Types of Fans

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Watching sports is one of the most relaxing, rewarding things a person can do after a stressful day at work. Sitting on the couch and doing nothing but watching your favorite team is almost so joyful that it could bring a tear to your eye. Yes, being a sports fan is great -- that is, until your favorite team loses.

Okay, so being a fan of sports isn't all it's cracked up to be when you root for a terrible team; it can actually be quite agonizing. If you have a favorite team that is pretty solid and usually contending for championships, you know just how tough it is every time they do lose -- it can almost ruin your week.

Well, even though there is a down side to being a sports fan, there are also many more positives. You get to watch and enjoy the best athletes in the world compete for championships and just straight-up bragging rights. You get to buy tickets to go see your favorite team up close and personal in action against a huge rival and feel the joy of defeating the team's biggest foes.

It's the only acceptable form of liking something so much that your mood changes considerably if things don't go your way -- others may call that childish. You don't see fans of actors yell and scream at the TV or movie screen when they have a poor performance in a movie.

Yes, being a fan of sports is a weird hobby. Not many people have the patience, mental strength or dedication that we have. Watching our favorite teams and athletes struggle through the yearly up-and-down grind almost makes it seem like we are part of the team.

However, there are those fans who over-step those boundaries and can be considered the worst types of sports fans. Let's take a look at those types of fans.

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20. The Sleeper

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Oh, you paid money to come to the game to sleep? Thanks for being a fan.

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19. The Going Into Seclusion After a Loss Fan

seclusion fans
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Not showing up for work tomorrow because your team lost tonight? That seems pretty normal.

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18. The Crazy Dresser

crazy dresser
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This deserves just one question: why? Why would you ever put on clothes like that to wear in public?

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17. The Crier

the crier
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Please, don't cry because your team lost. Well, this is awkward.

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16. The Extreme Optimist

extreme optimist
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It's good that you're extremely optimistic, but if your team is 10 games under .500, they aren't going to make it to the playoffs. Sorry.

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15. The Referee Blamer

referee blamer
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You lost because of the referees? Seems logical.

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14. The Early Leaver

early leaver
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There's still an entire half left. Glad you support your team so much.

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13. The Thrower of Objects

thrower of objects
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Ah, this kind of fans takes me back a ways. All the way back to the third grade.

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12. The Whistler

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Please, someone get me some earplugs -- some idiot just whistled for no reason.

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11. The Fans Who Talk to Players Like They Can be Heard

worst fans
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Oh yeah, tell him what to look for on the next play or what he did wrong. I'm sure he heard you.

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10. The Concession Stand Hero

concession stand hero
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Nothing is worse than when you are trying to get into the game and the same person gets up about 10 times to go to the concession stand or bathroom. Those fans always seem to end up in your row.

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9. The Stander

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Please, for the love of everything, just sit down.

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8. The One-Upper

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Oh, your team won 50 games last year? Well, mine won 51. Your team won the championship last year? My team has won like 10 before.

Cool, bro.

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7. The Bad Heckler

bad heckler
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"Hey LeBron, you couldn't score even if you tried really hard."

Wait, what idiotic thing did you just say?

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6. The Fair-Weather Fan

fair-weather fan
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The Miami Heat are my new favorite team, but the Indiana Pacers or Oklahoma City Thunder might be my favorites after this season.

It must be nice when your favorite team always wins the championship.

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5. The Sloppy Adult Beverage Consumer

sloppy drinker
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Ah, we have missed you sloppy, annoying drunk guy. Your slurred phrases are almost unforgettable.

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4. The "My Team is Always the Favorite" Fan

worst fans
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I'm looking at you, Notre Dame and Duke fans.

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3. The Excessive Screamer

excessive screamer
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Please. Stop. Yelling.

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2. The Extreme Pessimist

extreme pessimist
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We suck. We are never going to win. I can't believe I'm a fan of this team. "Boo."

Those are just a few of the fantastic phrases you'll hear from a pessimistic fan.

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1. The Extremely Biased Fans

biased fans
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This one really doesn't need an explanation. These types of fans' teams can do no wrong -- ever.