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2014 Winter Olympics Results: February 11

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2014 Winter Olympics Results: February 11

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On Tuesday night in Sochi, all the bars will be having Ladies Night.

The focus was on the women for the fourth day of competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics with the majority of medals being handed out in women's events, including the first-ever ladies' ski jumping event.

The big news was slider Erin Hamlin taking the first-ever medal in singles luge for the United States – men's or women's. Hamlin turned in a 3:21.145 overall time to secure the bronze medal. Also the talk of the track was Kate Hansen and her celebratory dancing at the end of her final run.

Russia had a bit of a scare put into them in the women's hockey prelims, narrowly defeating Japan in the Group B game. Japanese goaltender Nana Fujimoto stopped 36 of 38 shots on goal, handling the best that the Russians could hand her. Alexandra Vafina's goal at 52:22 broke the tie, handing Japan a tough loss.

In one of the most talked about events of the day, American snowboarder Shaun White failed to medal in the men's Halfpipe competition, settling for a fourth-place finish. White made headlines when he dropped out of the slopestyle competition, citing unsafe conditions. His minor wrist injury in practice prompted White to focus on the halfpipe event, his specialty.

Not to be outdone in freestyle snow events, American skier Devin Logan took silver in the ladies' ski slopestyle, narrowly defeating Kim Lamarre of Canada.

South Korean speed skater, Sang-Hwa Lee set an Olympic record in the Ladies 500m, taking the gold along with it. Nearly a full second faster than Olga Fatkulina of Russia, Lee turned heads with her amazing performance.

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Women's Biathlon

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Women's 10km Pursuit

Gold- (BLR) Darya DOMRACHEVA 29:30.7

Silver -(NOR) Tora BERGER 30:08.3

Bronze - (SLO) Teja GREGORIN 30:12.7

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Cross Country Skiing

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Ladie's Sprint Free

Gold - (NOR) Maiken Caspersen FALLA 2:32.07

Silver - (NOR) Ingvild Flugstad OESTBERG 2:34.18

Bronze - (SLO) Vesna FABJAN 2:34.13

Men's Sprint Free

Gold - (NOR) Ola Vigen HATTESTAD 3:28.35

Silver - (SWE) Teodor PETERSON 3:31.43

Bronze - (SWE) Emil JOENSSON 3:30.77

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Women's Round Robin Session 2

KOR def JPN 12-7

RUS def USA 9-7

SUI def DEN 7-6

CAN def SWE 9-3

Women's Round Robin Session 3

SUI def KOR 8-6

GBR def USA 12-3

CHN def RUS 7-5

JPN def DEN 8-3

Men's Round Robin Session 3

NOR def RUS 9-8

SWE def CAN 7-6

CHN def USA 9-4

GBR def GER 7-6

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Ladies' Freestyle Skiing

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Ladies' Ski Slopestyle

Gold - (CAN) Dara HOWELL 94.20

Silver - (USA) Devin LOGAN 85.40

Bronze - (CAN) Kim LAMARRE 85.00

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Women's Hockey

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Women's Prelim. Round - Group B

SWE def GER 4-0

RUS def JPN 2-1

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Women's Luge

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Women's Singles

Gold - (GER) Natalie GEISENBERGER 3:19.768

Silver - (GER) Tatjana HUEFNER 3:20.907

Bronze - (USA) Erin HAMLIN 3:21.145

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Ladies' Ski Jumping

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Ladies' Normal Hill Individual

Gold - (GER) Carina VOGT 247.4

Silver - (AUT) Daniela IRASCHKO-STOLZ 246.2

Bronze - (FRA) Coline MATTEL 245.2

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Men's Snowboard

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Men's Halfpipe

Gold - (SUI) Iouri PODLADTCHIKOV 94.75

Silver - (JPN) Ayumu HIRANO 93.50

Bronze - (JPN) Taku HIRAOKA 92.25

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Speed Skating

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Ladies' 500m

Gold - (KOR) Sang Hwa LEE 74.70 OR (2x500 m)

Silver - (RUS) Olga FATKULINA 75.06

Bronze - (NED) Margot BOER 75.48