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Jordan Wevers

5 Takeaways From Eagles' Win On Thanksgiving

What's better than dominating a rival on short rest? Getting three days of extra preparation time before facing the defending Super Bowl champions next week. Read More

Weighing Options For Seattle Mariners' Next Move

Another player with tools fitting the M's shopping list has exited the free agent market this week. What is their next move? Read More

CFL's Grey Cup A Unique Testament To Players, Game

What do communism, Betty White and the Empire State Building share in common? None have been around longer than the fixtures for this Canadian institution. Read More

Kyle Seager Move a Mixed Message For Mariners Fans

The Kyle Seager signing is great for the M's long-term future, but it could have negative short-term implications as well. Read More

Fantasy Week 13 Waiver Wire: Latavius Murray

Latavius Murray could be an RB3 or decent flex option moving forward, but there's better keeper appeal in a ball carrier like him for next year. Read More

Griffey Jr. and MLB's 5 Most Impactful Names Ever

The Kid was a once-in-a-generation talent. Ken Griffey Jr. turned 45 on Nov. 21. Here are five other players who helped to make baseball what it is today. Read More

Signing Yasmani Tomas Would Be A Win For Rays

Signing a potential Latin superstar could have more pros than cons for the lacklustre Rays franchise from Tampa Bay. Read More

Rockies Should Trade Gonzalez, Not Tulowitzki

With young players like Nolan Arenado and Corey Dickerson to build around on offense, the Rox need to focus on improving their pitching staff with an offseason blockbuster trade. Read More

Re-Signing Alvarez Should Be Another Marlins Goal

The Marlins should not stop investing in their future with the Giancarlo Stanton contract. Read More

Blue Jays Looking To Sign Jon Lester?

It's an uphill and ambitious quest for GM Alex Anthopoulos to coax the 30-year-old Jon Lester to Toronto. Hopefully if it's all for not, his efforts can be prioritized elsewhere. Read More